This ergonomist has a mission: to design an office that's scientifically proven to boost your fitness, mental health, and productivity.

Getting faster means slowing down, too.

We're siding with the functional fitness junkies on this one. CrossFit and ultrarunning are far from disturbing, ridiculously extreme—or worth writing off.

As a species, we're living longer and having fewer children. And that's a fantastic development for amateur athletes—and society as a whole.

Renowned physical therapist Kelly Starrett lays out movement standards for runners. Meet them, and you'll stay out of his office. Don't meet them, and you shouldn't be running.

Face it, most of us aren't complete athletes. We lack the strength to make us fit, and we follow cultlike exercise programs. But there is a cure: Listen to renegade coach Mark Rippetoe, grab a barbell, and get back to basics.

Health-and-fitness publications often takes liberties (gasp!) with scientific studies. Here's why you shouldn't believe everything you read—and how to separate the facts from the slough.

Throw away your ice packs and ibuprofen if you want to recover right.

Public park fitness groups are at risk—even as cities push soda bans.

California’s rule requiring cars to give cyclists a three-foot berth went into effect last week. Too bad it doesn't actually keep riders safe.

Don't just sit there. Get the most from your training by recovering right.

Numbers. Rankings. Results. The data-driven mindset is preventing us from enjoying the outdoors.

Rule One: Don't confine your training to the gym. Movement needs to be a lifestyle. Rule Two: Don't just move. You need a goal. And you need to train.

Sure, running five minutes a day will help you live longer, but it's not going to get you in shape—or even scrape the surface of your potential.

7 hot tips from the show’s ultimate competitor, Kacy Catanzaro

Proponents of the Banting diet claim that cutting carbs is the key to weight loss and improved health. There's just one problem: it'll make you slow.

No, don't stop using it. But you need to go beyond SPF and add more protection to your arsenal.

Don't listen to the headlines—you need more than seven hours of sleep to play hard.

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, just signed with the relatively unknown swimwear brand Aqua Sphere. And it's about to send him even higher into the swimming world's stratosphere.

When CrossFit denied our request to cover the 2014 CrossFit Games, we decided to look into the organization's long history of bullying anyone who dares to ask the hard questions—or look too closely.

There's more to life than chasing definition in certain muscle groups. Maintaining a healthy weight, for instance.

The "eight-percent rule" ignores the power exercise has to counter time spent on your butt.

Over the last five years, a lot has changed in the fitness world. But these four trends will continue to define the way you train.

Our genetic profile only tells one piece of the story, but that hasn't prevented scientists from making some bold assumptions about human performance.

That magic threshold is, well, bogus. And we've known it for years. So why are we still so obsessed with logging 10,000 hours of deliberate practice?

The roads are dangerous. But the real hate happens on social media. And it's both disgusting and scary.

It's not exactly the Stanley Cup, but there's a reason why all Tour de France stage winners receive a stuffed lion on the podium.

What’s one thing college kids and health nuts apparently have in common? Butt chugging. And a total lack of common sense.

Dominate the water and the road with the help of this gear arsenal.

Studies and experts suggest that nasal strips like Breathe Right don’t improve athletic performance in adults in any measure—no improved VO2 max, ventilation, maximal work rate, lactate threshold, or lowered ratings of perceived exertion. And it appears the same goes for horses. “Equine nasal…

In a desperate measure to burn surfeit calories, men and women have rushed to stuff their jiggly bits into resistance pants. But can clothing really make a workout any better?

Pro runner Maggie Vessey turned a lot of heads last week at the Prefontaine Classic, and not because of her second-place finish. No, the media was more interested in what she was wearing.

That’s right. The future of adventure filmmaking lies in 360-degree video footage, at least according to a handful of ambitious inventors.

What do you get when you cross three former Navy SEALs, an attorney, degrees from Harvard’s business and Kennedy schools, and passion for the mountains? A brand new breed of eco-friendly obstacle race.

New Healthkit app displays live fitness data, connects doctors and patients in real-time

Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine releases its fitness index. But what does the project do besides give a city bragging rights?

A new report details the factors behind our surprising speedskating failure in this year's Olympics—and any athlete can learn from its findings.

This is the Kickstarter campaign all runners should be backing.

There's no denying the popularity of CrossFit. And there's also no ignoring its TV potential. Enter the NPFL: In a bid to monetize functional fitness, an ex-CrossFit exec has a bold, new plan to attract sponsors and fans. Just don't call him a sellout.

Rescue professional saved by a firefighter at "Walk the Plank," an obstacle implicated in the 2013 death of a Tough Mudder participant.

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