Researchers have fingered several things as sources of sweet cravings. Stress, caffeine, and lack of sleep can all over stimulate your HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis, the body’s stress response system. Researchers believe chronic overstimulation of that HPA axis can impair its function, leading to poor immune activity, memory, and metabolism. Calorie-dense…

Unfortunately, there is no accurate way to predict how fast you’ll gain weight or how many pounds you’ll put on if you eat more calories than your body needs to maintain its current mass. The media has preached for decades that a pound of fat is 3,500 calories, so eating…

Yes, it does make a difference, assuming your training, bike position, and during-ride fueling strategies remain the same. Two of the greatest forces acting on cyclists are wind resistance and gravity. Let’s start with the wind. Factors affecting wind resistance include the frontal area of you and…

You and everyone else, buddy! Luckily Dr. David Nutt, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, decided this drinker’s dilemma is worth his time. More accurately, Nutt is interested in reproducing the pleasurable feeling of drunkenness without the negative side effects, including aggression, memory impairment, and…

It’s possible sports victories trigger local baby booms. In fact, a study published in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal claims just that. On May 6, 2009, Spanish researchers wrote, Football Club Barcelona’s Andrés Iniesta scored a last minute goal against Chelsea FC, earning Barça…

The answer: it’s both physiological and mental. “It’s a natural defensive posture,” says family practice and sports medicine specialist, Dr. Bob Adams. “When we have bad news, pain, or something’s really stressful, we hunch up. It probably goes back to when we were in the uterus,” where we were safe…

The New Year's defining tech, fashion, and fads

We posed your question to several social psychologists who refused to answer it, even when we told them they could disagree with your observation. (Perhaps they are afraid of retribution from defensive dieters?) But we did find one man willing to take on the topic: author and Outside contributor, Matt…

Assuming both parts belong to the same person, we discussed your hypothetical ball problem with Dr. Peter Schlegel, a urologist and professor at Cornell University. “For the scrotum to freeze to the thigh, the thigh skin would have to be at a freezing temperature,” Schlegel says. That…

Can you really ski race on a torn ACL? What damage are you doing?

Do I have a higher chance of dropping dead from a heart attack if I exercise in the morning?

I’m racing the California International Marathon this weekend. The temperature will be in the 30s to start. How should I warm up?

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When I get fat and out of shape, my first run back is always a super-itchy experience. My thighs itch, my abdomen itches, it drives me crazy. Why is that?

What rules do pros follow for exercising when they’re sick?

Traveling and time-crunched? Sneak in these 30-minute workouts to maintain your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and sanity this holiday season.

I usually run in the road, even when there’s a sidewalk along my route. I like to run on asphalt because it feels better on my legs than the concrete sidewalks in my neighborhood, but is it illegal to run on the road if there’s a sidewalk?

Everybody always says eating slowly is "better." And I can hardly get the food in my mouth with chopsticks. So does that make them healthier than the usual utensils?

What’s a better shortcut for last-minute ski-season training, strength or cardio?

Is it a sign that I’m getting fitter, or that I’m out of shape if I’m sore three days after a workout?

Can I get the same nutrients from fruit juice as I can from eating fruit?

I have a few "target areas" I’ve been working on for about a month, including my abs, but I’ve seen no improvement. What’s going on?

What should I do about pain on the inside of the knee? I can walk and jog, but with constant pain. I just want to run!

I've read the news about Sriracha making the eyes and throats of people near the factory burn. Is there anything to it?

In cycling, we're not supposed to shave our legs the night before a race because it "Eats up energy." At this stage race I did as a junior none of the Euros would shave their legs because of this. Is it true?

I usually drink according to thirst to stay hydrated, but will that strategy work during the cold winter months?

Expert advice from the Ironman World Championship’s top-placing American

Sometimes my stomach gets gurgly for no apparent reason. What’s going on in there?

Inside the mind and training habits of the fastest woman in Kona history

Is running on hard surfaces really bad for your knees?

Asthma sucks, asthma as an active person sucks even more. I can’t give up my activities; any natural solutions?

Is it true that exercising can lead to a second high after I smoke pot?

I cannot resist a French fry, and I often put myself in situations where I am around French fries. This habit is doing nothing but bad things to my waistline. How do I break this vicious cycle?

What should I do to make the most of my lunch hour workout?

What should I be eating at work to stay in shape and beat the afternoon slump?

Not to be vulgar, but I get gassy whenever I go somewhere above 7,000 feet. Please say it’s not just me.

Are there different rules for weight training vs. cardio when I’m pregnant?

I’d like to get in a workout at lunch, but I don’t have access to a shower during work hours. I don’t want to come back from lunch looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway. What should I do?

Sometimes when I run, I get this sticky white buildup around my mouth. Why is that, and how can I stop it?

Is there a way to know when I can push my workouts and when I should back off? I don’t have a coach for guidance.

I’ve been thinking about trying the Paleo Diet. Is there an upper limit to how much protein I should eat?

I feel terrible after I exercise. I know it’s supposed to make me feel better, but I always feel worse. I’ve been working out regularly for almost a year, 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, with no change. Can exercise make people depressed?

I have super tight hamstrings. How long do I have to hold a stretch to fix the tightness? Do people even static stretch anymore?

I have a giant stick of Old Spice that seems like it’s never going to run out. I think I’ve had it for four years. I don’t see an expiration date, so does it still work? Does deodorant expire?

I’ve thought about live GPS tracking my runs when I workout in new places. Is that a good idea, or is it dangerous?

I’m 5-foot-6. Is there any benefit to working on my vertical jump if I’m never going to dunk? How do I improve it?

Music helps get me through my workouts, and I’ve read that it helps people go stronger longer. But is there a certain type of music I should be listening to in order to get that boost?

I’m training for my first marathon and am a little worried about getting injured until I shed some pounds. If I trade out one or two of my runs each week with the elliptical, will the elliptical still help me get into marathon shape?

I've always wondered, how would it be possible for humans to run on water?

Which is better to drink for a pick-me-up before a race: coffee or an energy drink?

My concern is how I can exercise longer into my older years. I'm 60 and very active (climbed to 18K twice last summer). It is just much more difficult for me to do the outdoor things that I love. Any tips?

I like to ride my bike to and from work. I use the same outfit for both rides, which my coworker says is nasty. If I lay my clothes out in the sun while I’m working, won’t the sun kill the bacteria on them? (Please say yes or I’ll lose a bet.)

Is it true that impact stress in runners is greatest when the foot strikes the ground at the beginning of an exhalation? So if I always breathe out on my left side, I’ll increase my risk of injuring something on that side? I read this in a Runner's World article by Budd Coates and Claire Kowalchik.

Is it true that the more I run, the more my body gets used to running, and the fewer calories I burn doing it? Do I need to crosstrain to keep up the burn?

The first large-scale study has linked endurance training to irreversible heart damage. Should the report be giving you panic attacks?

I’ve spent some time this summer by a lake in the Midwest. During this time, I’ve been running, and every time I run, I come home with a bunch of new mosquito bites. Shouldn’t I be able to outrun the insects? How do I make them stop biting me?

I spend a lot of time traveling and competing in various sports. Should I be worried about developing a blood clot when flying home from a race?

Mike Donoghue, the founder of Amphibious Medics, a private medical-staffing contractor for the nation’s largest events, including Tough Mudder and Spartan Race, offers his insider tips

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Obstacle races are slowly supplanting 5ks as the Weekend Warrior’s activity of choice. But with so many choices how does one know which grueling crawl under barbed wire is the right one for them?

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I spend a lot of time training and competing in various sports—cycling, running, and basketball—you name it. My wife and I would like to have a baby soon, so I would like to know if there are there any sports that could hurt my sperm count.

How old are most Tour de France winners? At 34, could I even be a contender?

I work at the computer, at home. I considered modifying my desk to accommodate a treadmill, but after a reality check, I have no room or money for one. Are pedalers any good? If not, what is another option?

I’ve been seeing a lot of oddly shaped chainrings on my group rides lately. Does everyone else know something I don’t? Are those chainrings making the other guys faster?

My girlfriend is a marathoner and it seems like she always has black toenails. It’s gross. Why does this keep happening, and is there anything I can do to help her prevent them?

I can't live without coffee, but when should I cut myself off?

The trendy fruitarian diet is gaining a reputation for possible health risks. But the right fruits, assuming they’re not your only energy source, pack a performance punch.

The trendy fruitarian diet is gaining a reputation for possible health risks. But the right fruits, assuming they’re not your only energy source, pack a performance punch.

The trendy fruitarian diet is gaining a reputation for possible health risks. But the right fruits, assuming they’re not your only energy source, pack a performance punch.

The trendy fruitarian diet is gaining a reputation for possible health risks. But the right fruits, assuming they’re not your only energy source, pack a performance punch.

The trendy fruitarian diet is gaining a reputation for possible health risks. But the right fruits, assuming they’re not your only energy source, pack a performance punch.

The trendy fruitarian diet is gaining a reputation for possible health risks. But the right fruits, assuming they’re not your only energy source, pack a performance punch.

I like to compete in endurance events, like Ironman, but rarely do I place in the top 50 percent of my age group. Why am I so slow?

Pro surfing’s go-to trainer Paul Hiniker lays down 10 steps to get your body ready for anything this summer

In the past month, I’ve camped at the Wildflower Triathlons, and at the Deuces Wild Triathlon festival. Both times it felt like my sleeping bag wasn’t as warm as it used to be. Do sleeping bags expire?