Is it safe to participate in my triathlon club’s ocean swims while I’m menstruating, am I more likely to get attacked by a shark?

All of my non-cotton workout clothes reek after I workout. What the heck? Are there any technical workout clothes that won’t hang onto my B.O. for eternity?

When’s the best time to use a foam roller, before or after a workout?

Can I convert my fast twitch muscles to slow twitch muscles and vice versa?

My mom always said to stay inside during dust storms because the dirt could make me sick. Can racing a muddy, dusty event make me ill?

I was reading Running USA’s statistics about marathoning and saw that the number of finishers didn’t increase nearly as much from 2010 to 2011 as it did in previous years. Is that a sign that the marathon boom is coming to an end?

I got heatstroke in a running race two years ago and passed out. Am I more likely to get it again than someone who’s never had it?

It seems like when the Olympic athletes aren’t racing, they’re all listening to music. Do they do it to drown out the crowd, or does listening to music make them faster?

I have a friend who takes a puff of asthma medicine before he competes even though he doesn’t have asthma. He says it increases his oxygen uptake so he can go stronger longer. Is that true?

I just used Paris’s Vélib bikeshare and thought it was awesome. Do any U.S. cities have programs like that?

I’ve heard surfers say you shouldn’t go in the water after a storm. Is that true? And how long do I have to wait?

I saw a Groupon for a trip to a local infrared sauna. How’s that different from the dry sauna at my gym, and will it help my achy knees?

Tough Mudder says their Electroshock Therapy obstacle delivers a 10,000-volt electric shock. Can a human survive that, or is it a sham?

I have a friend who runs home from the bar and sits in a sauna after a night of drinking. He says this ritual helps him sober up faster and avoid a hangover. Is he right?

I keep my favorite necklace and wedding ring on when I exercise. Can chlorine and sweat hurt them?

I can see the smoke from wildfires burning all across the state. How do I know if it’s safe to run outside?

It's one of the hottest summers on record—but I still need to get outside and exercise. How can I stay cool when I run?

I’m racing the Leadville Trail 100 this August. I live at sea level, so when should I go up there to race my best?

I want to keep up my training routine—but I'm injured. Will taking Advil for the pain in my strained quad inhibit healing?

I can’t live without sweets. Is it possible to have my dessert and eat it too—without undoing all the work I did training?

I know that exercise is supposed to improve sex, but is there a point of diminishing returns?

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I want to add miles for my ultra training, but I'm concerned about breaking down my body. Will longer runs wreck my hard-won muscle tone?

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I’ve seen it on a whole range of athletes, from Olympic volleyball players to swimmers and soccer players. How is Kinesio tape supposed to work, and is it effective?

There's been a lot of talk lately about long runs being hard on the body, particularly the heart. I've also read the CrossFit argument against distance running, even when preparing for a marathon. Should I change how I run?

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Is it true that if I abstain from caffeine before I race, it’ll be more effective during the race? How will it help me, and how much should I take?

I’m bored of my routine and have trouble getting motivated to exercise. I'd like to train with someone, but I'm not sure where to look. Got any suggestions?

Cyclists cite various reasons for shaving their legs, like making massages more comfortable and cleaning road rash easier. But will shaving make me faster?

I'm looking for a way to determine how fast I should be running.

I've heard that inflammation is bad for me and can hurt my sports performance. Why is that, and is there an easy way to keep inflammation down?

I want to shed a few pounds and move closer to my speed goals, but all the recommended recovery foods are high-carb and high-calorie. Will using the Paleo Diet make it more difficult to train for the next big race?

Juggling a busy schedule, I try to make my exercise time as well-rounded and efficient as possible. To maximize my workout, is it better to run or lift first?

I'm looking to maximize my triathlon training days. Could you recommend a few places?

I've read about CrossFit adherents who have run marathons using just the exercise program's strength and conditioning regimen. Can I really train for a race using CrossFit alone?

My local gym touts metabolic testing for everybody, from people who want to lose 60 pounds to those who want to shave a few seconds off their PR. It's pretty spendy. Should I do it?

I know that conventional running shoes lose their bounce and cushion over time, leaving you open to injury. Should I be worried about the same sort of deterioration with my treadmill?

I'm looking for ways to gauge improvement. If I can soak through my wicking base layers, I call that a good day. Do better athletes sweat more?

I'm getting faster as I get older. Maybe I should think about upping my game and shooting for some really big goals...

It's hard to differentiate between recovery eating and overeating. Are those last few pounds holding me back?

Is there a way to schedule my training sessions to get the most out of my workout?

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I've decided to do the Lotoja Classic this year, a 206-mile ride from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I've done several century rides and the distance doesn't intimidate me (although it probably should), but the elevation does. I live at sea level and there are several climbs over 7,000 feet. How can I best train for the altitude while living at sea level? Thanks!

Over the holidays I put on a few extra pounds, as I'm sure a lot of people did. It's not a lot of weight, just about five pounds, but I'm struggling to get it back off my body. I do well for a few days, then I crack and overeat again. I know how to eat healthy, but by the end of the work day I don't have enough energy to do my workouts. What I doing wrong?

Several weeks ago I ran the marathon I've been training for since January, and now I've gained four pounds in the past six weeks. How can I keep the weight off? Help!

I am a slow runner. In fact, last week I was running and I was passed by a glacier. How can I improve my speed?

I am a runner and not interested in going to the gym. What results could I get if I did, say, 20 regular push-ups, 20 wide-grip push-ups and ten tricep push-ups every day?

I want to get a six pack within a week and keep it there. Is it possible? If so then how?

I'm soft and want to get ripped fast. What's the best way?