Can mindful running make you faster—or at least happier?

One should be a staple in your outdoor kit

At the most recently declared national park, the adventure starts and ends with the 1,000-foot-deep New River Gorge. The 73,000-acre stretch of rugged canyon in West Virginia is home to Class IV+ whitewater rafting, some of the best rock climbing on the eastern seaboard, purpose-built singletrack, and more than 100 miles of hiking trails that capture this dramatic part of the country.

I gave my 12-year-olds the Rand McNally on our 300-mile drive from Atlanta to the South Carolina coast to impart the joys of reading an old-school physical map

It has all the comfort and features you’d expect from a high-end performance shell, but at an affordable price

Elevate your next ­outdoor sleepover with these genius tricks

All types of athletes can benefit from quicker instincts

Bringing order to parental chaos is an uphill battle, but these products can help

This seat holds its own against competitors that are twice as expensive

The Saxx Hot Shot outperformed every other top in my quiver

From Colorado’s second-largest state park to a midwestern tribal park, there are plenty of new wild spaces to plan to visit. Plus, Outside staffers share what they think our 64th national park should be.

Tested for style and durability, these tops can handle anything coming down the trail

The best way to refuel after a perfect day of adventure? With your crew at one of these ideally located watering holes.

Your muscles need relief. You can take matters into your own hands at home without breaking the bank.

A little TLC can add years of life to your favorite hikers

Here are five pieces of gear that I’m looking forward to using with my dog this winter and beyond…

Good gear doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are five favorite pieces of gear that I tested in the past year that cost less than $70.

The iconic leather hiker is now better than ever

The Ombraz Leggero forgoes sidearms for an innovative nylon strap, which is both good and bad

These are the items on my gift list that will help my family make the most of the winter…

The underrated West Virginia adventure hub is finally getting the recognition it deserves

Help them keep their streak alive through winter with these gifts designed to keep them warm, safe, and inspired…

After a summer of testing, here are our favorite tools

Getting off the ground makes you feel like you're lying in an actual bed

What to do when you're on an outdoor adventure and disaster strikes

This pastoral stretch of the Southern Appalachian mountains in Virginia is packed with hiking, fishing, road biking, and other adventures—if you know where to look

While spending months in quarantine, my daily run has become my salvation. Here are a handful of accessories that help me make the most of those miles.

Forget working from home. Here's everything you need to stay connected from your vehicle or a trailhead.

Make the most of the warm days with these river and lake essentials

This new one-bag travel solution provides order in a chaotic world

With more than a hundred 11,000-foot peaks, five glaciers, and some 150 alpine lakes, Colorado's most popular park has served as an idyllic backdrop for some of our writer's bigger life moments: it's where he proposed to his wife, where his kids earned their first Junior Ranger badges, and where he said goodbye to someone special. While you'll be among 4.7 million visitors who visit every year, there's something personal to be found here.

From a $25 grill to a genius s'mores contraption, this gear will take your fire pit nights to the next level

Why use a throw-away plastic fork and spoon when you can simply BYOS (spork)? Here are five items that will help you build a zero-waste kit that you can keep in your backpack or car.

Living in a big city doesn't mean you can't spend a weekend outdoors this summer

A self-proclaimed "soft" writer tries to beef up his end-of-world skills during quarantine

All across the country, major cities are making it easier to access nature with vibrant greenways

Forget the tie. Consider these gift ideas for Father's Day instead.

Zwift, track workouts, and more keep 47-year-old Jon Brown ready for next winter

Anna Levesque uses yoga to slow down and fight self-doubt

Brittany Griffith says now is the perfect time to have some fun with your diet

Stuck at home with your kids? You might as well make the most of it.

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