Lyfx wants to ­revolutionize the way we play by ­connecting local guides with ­traveling ­adventurers. But can it ­succeed where other apps have failed?

You wear them all day every day. They should be comfortable.

Here are 5 great options. And not all of them are expensive.

Your choice of sleeping pad will determine whether you sleep well or not

A backcountry meal is delicious only if you can eat it comfortably

Throwing a lit party doesn’t have to be expensive

Whether you’re looking for a sleek hip pack or a behemoth bag that can carry the kitchen sink, there’s something for you in this list

From a burly titanium option to one that collapses when not in use

Well, not every adventure, but certainly some

Dress up your backcountry wardrobe

But be wary. Not all reef-safe sunscreens are created equal.

When you’re on the trail, fresh isn’t necessarily best

More and more companies are using recycled products to make gear. And it's great.

Five superb glare cutters, each under $50

Even better, they’re all cheaper than $50.

Because you don’t want to look like a Tour de France rider on your commute to the office

Besides your hiking boots, your daypack is your most-used piece of gear. These are our favorites.

Everything from a spare battery to a rainjacket

These are sturdy enough to take on any adventure and comfortable enough to wear every day—but they won't cost you an arm and a leg

There's no need to change after your day on the trail

Protect yourself when playing outside

Because it's time to embrace summer

Protect your skin while looking good

Skip the tie this year and go for one of these budget-friendly products instead

Get cozy under the stars (and in front of the camera) with one of these blankets

The simple silk cocoon is a key piece of four-season gear

Thinking about designing your own rig? Here are some tips from a pro.

Gear to make stays away from home more enjoyable

We tested the Squamish XL, which is full of tech-oriented features to keep your gear organized and safe while you travel

'Play On,' a new book from journalist Jeff Bercovici, explores how aging elite athletes stay at the top of their game

Laptops are an expensive investment that we rely on for nearly everything. Make sure yours is properly protected with one of these cases.

Waxed canvas is durable and looks stylish. There's a reason the material has been around for nearly 300 years.

Details matter when it comes to keeping workouts fresh

Vintage aloha style gets technical

High mileage without the sticker shock

One of these handy micro-gadgets might just save your life

Plus five great hammocks tested by an AT thru-hiker

Pro tip: bring plastic baggies and a Nalgene

Upgrading this simple accessory will improve your photography

Keep your toiletries and accessories organized

The anti-inflammatory is extracted from the marijuana plant. Is this bud for you?

You don’t need your Nespresso machine to get your fix in the woods

The first rule of cast iron? Relax.

Durable materials and touch of stretch make these the comfiest belts around

From a pocket knife to a duct tape holder, here are five things you should have with you at all times

Because beach season is just around the corner

Don't overlook the most important part of your training cycle

These accessories can make your old hammock feel new

These pants prove that performance materials can look good too

Tested products to navigate the streets in style and comfort

Thicker than a button-down and lighter than a coat

They're all made in Norway by Viking descendants

Because safety and comfort are key for commuting

Including five picks from expert Troop Breneger

It's time to stop checking your luggage

Don’t overlook this crucial piece of your wardrobe

From a performance-minded midlayer to an apres statement piece

Give your favorite layer an upgrade

They'll make your daily ride easier

Including a classic like Crocs to a pair of $100 down booties

Because the gesture is more important than the price tag

Expensive stem-cell therapies are on the rise among recreational athletes, but don’t pull out your wallet just yet

From a simple satchel to a bespoke canvas duffel, these bags will keep your workout clothes tidy

Five adventurous kicks that look good enough to wear in the office

Your old Carhartts are now fashionable, and outdoor brands are taking note

Supporting your local gear companies doesn't have to break the bank

Haul your stuff safely in one of these stylish bags

According to the guy who designs some of our favorites

A good hat will keep your kids happy on the ski hill

One of these gifts could make someone very happy this holiday season