Yes, it's serious, and it's time to start taking some practical precautions

Deer, ducks, and other quarry won't even know you're there

What could have been a fatal fall is just a stepping stone on Harrington's path to become the first woman to free climb one of El Cap's hardest routes in a day

Bring home the bacon. Or venison or turkey.

Gear that’s got your back, should things go sideways

There's powder in the forecast from Florida to Vermont, but the southern Rockies continue to be snow starved as the worst season just about anyone can remember continues

No one knew if it could be done. But when Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climbed Mount Everest without oxygen in 1978, they smashed one of the last barriers of human performance. Almost 40 years later, both legends talk about their first ascent by “fair means”—and the long-running feud that followed.

Before he became known as the boyfriend on Felicity, Scott Speedman was nearly an Olympic swimmer. Now the star of TNT's Animal Kingdom just wants to have fun in the mountains.

Was it the time travelers, the jaguar people, or the song from Pocahontas? All I know is that, as my exploration of psychedelics grew from a few campout mushrooms to full-on ayahuasca ceremonies, I felt better than I ever had in my life.

Even if protesters resist evacuation orders and police actions, they’ll still face the difficulty of living outside in North Dakota

A plan for a drive-up climbing center on the north side of the mountain also includes the mainstays of a modern resort: lodging, restaurants, and a museum. Is this the future of the world's highest peak?

Vikings star Travis Fimmel has exactly three possessions: his trailer, his pickup truck, and his horse

A new study looks at whether stories about PEDs in the mountains have any truth to them

No snow in the forecast? That's no excuse to be lazy.

The ski world is going all in on high-tech safety gear, packing more features into smaller packages.

If your dogs are cold, you're doing it wrong.

A 20-year fight between energy and environmental interests over some of the country's last undammed rivers has finally come to a close

Halfway around the world, fly-fishing scientists are unraveling the secret lives of giant steelhead—one cast at a time

Fed up with tight National Park regulations—no BASE-jumping, no slacklining, no fun!—adventurers are getting cozy with a surprising new advocate: the Bureau of Land Management. Nowhere are the agency's lenient recreation policies on better display than Moab, Utah.

A new proposal to further entwine the National Park Service and corporate advertisers takes us further down a path we never should have embarked on in the first place

When a group of canyoneering beginners were swept away in a flash flood last September, it was the worst disaster in Zion's 97-year history. And it illustrates a growing question: How far should national parks go to keep their visitors safe?

In her sixth ascent of the world's tallest peak, 32-year-old Melissa Arnot earned one of the few prizes left on the mountain

Lhakpa Sherpa ​​has climbed Everest more than any other woman—​and now she's on the mountain trying for her seventh summit​. So why doesn't anyone know her name?

Lowe’s climbing partner, Conrad Anker, and his widow, Jenni-Lowe Anker, talk about a dramatic discovery that comes more than 16 years after he and climber David Bridges vanished in a Himalyan avalanche

River trips have long been a venue for partying, but a new federal report illuminates a darker trend of sexual harassment that has persisted for years

If a skier hucks without uploading a photo, does anybody see it? A road trip through the exploding business side of Instagram, where pro athletes roam Alberta stalking the next big trophy shot.

Six new tools to bring you back to the basics

The climber, leaper, and all-around "stunt monkey" lived and thrived on an impossibly dangerous edge

Those who enjoy seeing nature on two wheels are increasingly conflicted about legislation that would protect it

The president wants to fatten the paychecks of people working on federal lands. The question is: Can he do it without putting public land tourism out of business?

The ultrarunner set a new record on the AT and found himself at the center of a debate about how we should use the wilderness

What’s the best dog in the world? Our picks: the ones that have a job, do it well, and then curl up at the foot of the bed.

After winning the coveted audience award at Sundance, the documentary 'Meru' is getting a nationwide theatrical release next month. How did a climbing movie break through with mainstream audiences? Credit the incredible story at its center: a tale of tragedy, family, friendship, risk, and the redemptive power of suffering.

The climbing great died Saturday while attempting a wingsuit flight from Yosemite’s Taft Point

Photographer Jimmy Chin and Outside's Grayson Schaffer on what will surely become a rite of passage for future generations: the Instagram road trip.

Endurance cyclist Juliana Buhring left a notorious cult, wrote a bestseller, and then rode her bike around the world. She's just getting started.

Though the Tibetan side is closed to climbers, at least one team is considering a climb up the southern side of Everest

Back in Kathmandu after treating the Everest wounded, dZi Foundation’s Ben Ayers takes a moment to share the scope of the devastation

In a remarkable rescue effort, helicopter pilots ferried dozens of climbers to safety from Camps I and II. Meanwhile, reports continue to come in from other Himalayan peaks—including Makalu and Annapurna—that were hit by powerful avalanches.

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