IFC Films's new movie about K2 never quite reaches the top

Motivated by adventure, science, and awe at the power of nature, stormchasers are risking it all to get closer to tornadoes than ever before. Last spring, during the deadly Oklahoma City outbreaks, they got more than they bargained for.

With an entourage of powder freaks and beautiful athletic women, Nick Waggoner is doing his twenties justice—taking big creative risks and traveling the world directing artsy ski porn that sponsors love.

For more than a century, Western climbers have hired Nepal’s Sherpas to do the most dangerous work on Mount Everest. It’s a lucrative way of life in a poor region, but no service industry in the world so frequently kills and maims its workers for the benefit of paying clients. The dead are often forgotten, and their families left with nothing but ghosts.

We met Aydin Irmak last year when he was attempting to summit Everest with his bike. This year, he surprised us by returning to the mountain, summiting early—and finding himself in the middle of the brawl on Everest.

Two men who are changing the way the adventure world works

Hunting is making a comeback by tapping a new crowd of athletic locavores, and that means big business for performance-minded gear companies

Wolfing down an entire day's worth of food in under a minute can lead to serious digestive problems

It doesn't really matter. But whichever kind you choose—chokers, slip leads, e-collars—make sure you're using it correctly.

Most dogs don't like being left on shore and will follow their handler right in. You just need to be willing to get wet—and to take things slow.

Find a companion you can get along with, whether from a responsible breeder or your local shelter. You’re going to be spending the next 13 years together.

Holding a sausage for what must be an unbearable length of time

The discovery of a potential new source of the Amazon River sparked a good old-fashioned explorers’ race to be the first to run it

The Portuguese water dog selected as the Obama family pet nearly four years ago has turned out just fine, thank you very much. We spoke to Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz, his trainer, to find out more about her methods.

Used together, the bench, lure, and successive approximation make for a powerful tool to control young, unfocused, hyperactive dogs

Are Terminator-style heads-up displays a gimmick—or an adventure-sports breakthrough?

Like anything, loose-leash walking is much easier to teach if it’s started at a young age. Train it in as a good habit early, rather than trying to fix a bad habit late.

Your new puppy is going to express all kinds of behaviors on his own. Learn to spot and control the good ones so you can return to them later.

Most dogs have a natural instinct to rip and pull, but teaching a controlled and gentle tug requires a bit of work

Thinking about getting a new puppy? The first thing you have to ask yourself is what characteristics you're looking for. And remember: There can be a lot of variation even within breeds.

There's no better way to break a dog's training than by introducing him to aggressive petters and the extreme temptations of children and good food

You've mastered all of the basic skills and are moving on to more advanced ones. But dogs aren't completely neutral: they'll pick up new behaviors with or without your guidance, and getting a dog to stop doing something can be trickier than anything you've already taught him.

Some tasks and skills are harder to train than you might think. Others are easier. Here's a list of nine basics, in order from hardest to easiest.

I have a 5 1/2-month-old border collie mix who, in the evening, wants to play nip—playful biting that’s no fun for me. This can happen at other times of the day, but in the evening I have a great deal of difficulty redirecting him. It usually comes along with a period of hyperactivity, almost like a kid who is tired but won’t voluntarily lie down to nap. I don’t know what would be the best way to address this with him or what I need to do earlier in the day to prevent this from happening. We tend to either walk or play catch in the morning and then the reverse in the afternoon.

In Anything Worth Doing, Jo Deurbrouck profiles Clancy Reece, who lost his life on the Salmon in June 1996 when the river crested at nearly 100,000cfs

It's one of the most dangerous outdoor sports for pets, but if you invest the time and discipline in proper obedience, it can be fun for everyone

I can’t get my dog to stop knocking over the trash. You got anything fuzzy and “positive” for that?

A slab of snow broke loose, wiping out Camp III high on the world's eighth-tallest peak in what could be among the deadliest avalanches in Himalayan climbing history

In the 16 years since Into Thin Air, Mount Everest has become safer in many ways, with better storm forecasting and amazing high-altitude rescue helicopters. So why did 10 people die in 2012?

What was that hand signal Vavra Hradilek threw in the kayak slalom? It was a pretend bag of excrement.

A brutal beating high on Everest threatens to raise tensions in Tibet

Whether you're running rivers or just running back and forth between the house and the lake, you need the right footwear. We review six new water shoes, including the Sperry Top-Sider Son-R Feedback Bungee, the Adidas Boat Lace DLX, and the Keen Turia with its tester-friendly debris-blocking mesh upper and grip.

You think climbing the world's highest peak is difficult? Try getting back to Kathmandu during heavy monsoons.

Serious concerns about a repeat of last weekend's deadly traffic have yet to materialize

Amid serious concerns about the possibility of another deadly traffic jam on Everest, like the one that killed four people last weekend, between 80 and 150 climbers headed for the summit this morning.

Disaster strikes world's highest peak with only human error to blame

The climbers call it quits after making one more attempt to reach the West Shoulder

Over the last five years, alpinist Chad Kellogg has lost nearly everything and everyone—wife, brother, climbing partners—close to him. In the next few days, when he plans to make his second attempt to break the speed record on Mount Everest, he'll be carrying an understandably heavy load.

This is shaping up to be one of the deadliest seasons on record, with 10 deaths so far and too many helicopter evacuations to count. Here’s a sneak peak at the doctors on the front lines of the world's highest clinic.

With mounting dangers on the Hornbein Couloir, Conrad Anker pulls the plug on the West Ridge

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