Is there some way to go island hopping in the South Pacific on a boat to go snorkeling? No huge cruise ships. I want a small boat with an emphasis on the water, with a taste of local culture. -Mike Hailey, ID

I love foreign locales and culture, but don't like the occasional side factors: street crime, food-borne illness, bartering for souvenirs, etc. You have any ideas for great places and adventures that take my preferences into account? Andrew Menlo Park, CA

If you could put together a list of five must-do national park experiences in the United States, what would they be? ScottGambier, OH

I'm looking for a beach vacation this March with my husband and college-aged daughter either in Mexico or somewhere within decent flight time of Dallas. What can you do for me?JoniDallas, TX

Last year, four friends of mine and I biked the Allegheny Passage to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. This late winter or early spring, we want to top that by heading out west and backpacking for four to five days in a national park. What is a good location that will have favorable conditions? -Andrew Pittsburgh, PA

My 12-year-old son and I want to start taking exciting and safe adventure trips together. What are some good ideas and places in the United States that are reasonable for older kids and young teens? -Clint Tokyo, Japan

What's the best Central American surf trip for me and my girlfriend (who’s a beginner) in late winter? Honduras? Costa Rica? -Andrew New Haven, CT

I've never had an interest in learning to ski, but I loved sledding as a kid. Are there any ski resorts with lift-assisted sledding? Having to walk back up the hill was always the worst part. I heard that some resort in Switzerland has a five-mile-long sledding run. Willy Santa Rosa, CA

I'm short on time and cash, and stuck out here on the East Coast, but am looking for a climbing destination on this side of the Mississippi that's equivalent to Liberty Bell. In other words, a fun, multi-pitch rock with a bit of a sense of accomplishment at the summit. What can you do for me? Richard Fairfax, VA

I am currently stationed in Naples, Italy for another year and a half. Can you list ten things that I should accomplish in Europe while I'm here? I love to travel and fish and I am more concerned with seeing the natural beauty of the continent than anything else.BlakeNaples, Italy

I have a very adventurous ten-year-old daughter and we've been talking about going to Nepal. Any good itineraries? And would the Everest Base Camp trek be appropriate, or would she get more from the Annapurna area? -Dennis Spokane, WA

Where's best for kayaking or canoeing in Brazil? I like the idea of the Amazon but would also like some beach action. Any tips? -Dave London, England

What are some good places to "escape" Los Angeles without having to go too far? -Susan Los Angeles CA

If you had three to four days to hike Belize, which area would you choose? -Cindy Evansville IN

What are some great outdoor activities I can do while I'm living in Istanbul? The only things I know of are running and swimming in the Bosporus. How about diving or snowboarding? -Lauren Istanbul, Turkey

I'm going to Vancouver for a week on business and would like to peel off for two to three days of being outdoors. Any suggestions for a fit gal who likes to be outside, but has to be back and in a cocktail dress by seven o'clock each evening? -Mathilda Dallas, TX

I'm planning a trip for my husband's 40th birthday this fall, and I'm trying to find the place with the perfect mix of beach relaxation and adventure. You know, kayaking, hiking, sailing, snorkelling, and windsurfing to go with a super nice room, superb food, and a spa treatment or two. What are your suggestions? –Jill North Attleboro, MA

I'm looking for places in the east where I can do some sport climbing and camping. Can you hook me up? –Brendan Media, PA

I know of some companies that arrange travel in the States for trail runners, like Adventure Running Co []. They take your belongings to the next destination while you're running. I would love to take a trail run in New Zealand or Chile. Is there some similar program for those who would like to do the same abroad? –Joshua Melbourne, FL

I'm planning a weeklong vacation in early November, and am looking for a relatively nearby destination where I can find some good outdoor activities mixed with good culture. If you could give me a top 5 list that would be great. –Josh Washington DC

I'm really outdoorsy and my new boyfriend isn't—though he's willing to learn. We're about to take our first vacation together. What's a good place within a day's drive of Washington, DC where I can introduce him to hiking but also have access to other fun activities in case he needs a more restful day or two? –Madeline Alexandria, VA

I would like to do an overnight kayak trip, but don't want to camp. Any suggestions in the Mid-Atlantic states? -Sandy Mechanicsburg, PA

I'm headed down to Argentina and Chile late this summer, and want to go snowboarding. Where do you recommend? —Ned, Winston-Salem NC

My family is going to the Big Island of Hawaii. Do you have any advice on day hikes or some amazing must-see spots on the Island? We want to get off the beaten path. –Scott, Nogales Arizona

What are the best beginner-level mountaineering expeditions across the world that a regular, fit trekker can attempt?–Kuntal, Mumbai India

I am going to Morocco in late summer for a week, and want you to tell me what to see and what to skip.–ChrisChicago, IL

There’s something immensely appealing about lacing up a pair of skates with long, thin blades and soaring so fast on ice that your snot freezes. I’m not alone in my feelings; participation in distance skating is growing, across open ponds and lakes and on manicured 400-meter outdoor ovals. The two…

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