What's next for the maker of portable solar products

When it comes to staying hydrated, you need the right bottle for any activity.

Google's FASTER project will double connection speeds

One man and his canine pal cover 13,000 miles in 32 states to discover just how strong our relationship is with man's best friend.

Phones detect sounds of illegal logging

First of two tropical cyclones hits today

Demand for almonds up 220% since 2005

Bass-heavy music empowers, boosts performance

British climate projections show impact on global resources.

Death by flood less common than by lightning

No environmental hazards or foul play suspected

Man biking 1,840 miles against doctors' orders

Gentle giants save more than 850 lives annually

Thanks to a $2.4 million bike path, not Putin

If there's attention being doled out, your dog wants it.

Walk the 1,800-foot bridge, then leap overboard. If you dare.

World's third-largest facility funded, designed, made by Americans

UAVs are heroes when it comes to protecting the environment

$1.3 million Exosuit will take divers to depths of 1,000 feet

New technology identifies bird songs

It costs only $3 million, but there's a catch

State will impose emergency bans on wasteful practices in August

Crowdfunding project to create year-round indoor facility

Contador becomes the second prerace favorite to exit

Spartan Racing, Reebok, and NBC announce multiyear rights deal

Three plane fuselages in a Montana river might seem like a problem, but there’s more to the accident than meets the eye.

Train? Nah, just falsify your qualifying times

Company to host gourmet 3D-printed meal with robot waiters

Lost bags, delayed flights, and a lack of transparency

World's largest subterranean jump park opens Friday

Introduces "Happiness Blankets" to monitor passengers' brainwaves

Bike-mounted radar unit warns cyclists of approaching cars

New tech recharges your body and your phone

High-quality gear for the savvy aesthete

Cuts weight, minimizes carbon emissions, adds class

Permanently banned after offering cookies, serenading

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