“It is amazing to be above ground again,” the grateful U.S. researcher told reporters from a stretcher on Tuesday, September 12

The official explanation for the fee increase is rather macabre

“Turn around, don’t drown,” park rangers are reminding travelers as Hilary bears down on the southwestern United States

This monsieur isn’t the first to BASE jump from Paris’s most iconic landmark

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The York Fire has swept across thousands of acres of the Mojave Desert, torching Joshua trees and other delicate desert vegetation

The bear attack happened near Bearhole Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia, where most of that country’s grizzlies live

The massive cleanup clears tons of garbage from Oregon’s public lands

National Park Service officials weren’t too happy about people going off-trail to find it

California’s Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act is the state’s first law aimed at protecting a species threatened by climate change

A Montana trucker accidentally ran over the cub on a desolate stretch of road. Then, the mother bear showed up.

In his new book ‘The Swine Republic,’ environmental scientist Chris Jones tells hard truths about Iowa’s agricultural industry and how its farming practices contaminate water thousands of miles away

The iconic film festival is celebrating its 45th year this weekend. Here are the documentaries we’re most excited to watch.

The controversial late fashion designer will be honored at the 2023 Met Gala tonight

California’s wild storms and wet weather have resulted in dazzling displays of wildflowers, some peaking and others ready to pop. Here’s how to see one before it’s too late.

Nanuq, a one-year-old Australian shepherd, went on an epic adventure across the Bering Sea before he was miraculously reunited with his family

The 2023 World Happiness Report is out and Finland took the winning spot for the sixth time, and they want you to come visit—for free. Plus: awesome trip ideas in other happy countries.

Director Robin Van Gyn discusses her new documentary series, which is playing on Outside Watch now

One of the world’s largest Joshua tree forests is now federally protected

The legislation prohibits visiting hikers from exploring the country’s trails by themselves

A festival of paper and string in India bridges cultural divides

On a trek through Tanzania, a climber and photographer captures the joy of connection

Luckily for the bear, a wildlife official arrived and rescued it from the chilly predicament

The National Park Service plans to clear the McPherson Square homeless encampment on February 15, amid D.C.’s hypothermia season

The family of Esther Nakajjigo accused the National Park Service of negligence for not properly securing the metal gate that killed her

A 29-year-old Colorado man was sentenced to 40 hours of community service in connection with the death of 72-year-old Ron LeMaster

Photographer Olivia Bee spent last winter with mushing teams in western Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Alaska

In ‘Sacred: In Search of Meaning,’ renowned photographer Chris Rainier chronicles his decades-long journey exploring the world’s spiritual sites

Buyers snapped up 476 items found in Fenn’s chest in an online auction

Website TravelLens recently analyzed reviews of 6,000 U.S. state parks to determine the champion

Among the items for sale is a glass jar that apparently contains Fenn’s 20,000-word autobiography

Officials in the Dutch province of Gelderland say the area’s wolves are getting too comfortable around humans

According to a new Unesco report, glaciers in Yosemite National Park and other World Heritage sites are very likely to melt away by 2050

The Ute Indian Tribe says the White House did not meaningfully consult their government about Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument, which is located within the tribe’s ancestral lands

A Wyoming court has punished a Utah man for holding illicit motorcycle races on grasslands inside the park for at least nine years

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the first Native American to lead a cabinet agency, spearheaded the effort to rename U.S. landmarks bearing the offensive term

In ‘Missed Fortune,’ a series inspired by a story he wrote for Outside, host Peter Frick-Wright shines a spotlight on the fanatics who chased an eccentric art collector’s hidden riches at all costs

Blasting the Inflation Reduction Act on Sunday, the GOP nominee for a Senate seat in Georgia said, “A lot of the money is going into trees. Don’t we have enough trees around here?”

Zion National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, and areas around Moab, Utah, were inundated by water after heavy rainfall pummeled the U.S. Southwest

“Um, don’t do drugs kids (and don’t start spiders on fire during a drought),” Utah governor Spencer Cox tweeted Tuesday

When fair weather draws folks outdoors, the food vendors of Brooklyn cater to every taste. Here’s what New Yorkers were munching on this spring.

Officials are investigating a triple homicide at Maquoketa Caves State Park, a popular area for spelunkers and casual hikers

The Wigudun Galu Association celebrates the ancestral gender diversity of their Indigenous territory

A 53-year-old Colorado man recently became the fastest person to push a peanut up the 14,115-foot mountain with his nose. You read that right.

Last weekend, 500 people headed to Huntington Beach, California, to participate in what is believed to be the largest-ever gathering of Black surfers

The Olympic snowboarder is focusing on resting, hanging out with her miniature Aussie, and raising money for charity through a new initiative with Purina Pro Plan

‘Our Great National Parks’ overly idealizes U.S. conservation efforts and gives a mealymouthed call to climate action

In his new book ‘Wayward: Stories and Photographs,’ Chris Burkard takes readers behind the camera on his quest for meaningful experiences