'The River and the Wall' chronicles an intense journey down the Rio Grande, bearing witness to the ecosystems and livelihoods along the U.S.-Mexico border

Just days before Secretary Zinke left his post, the agency quietly proposed rules that would have it ignoring many Freedom of Information Act requests

New emails reveal how the U.S. Forest Service caved to Dominion Energy in its quest to build a disruptive pipeline along the Appalachian Trail

The 34-year-old from North Carolina hasn't been heard from in more than a week

In what might be a first for any American company, the clothing brand has endorsed two Senate candidates

Unless the Forest Service can pony up the cash to save it

Five bills approved by the House Committee on Natural Resources during a chaotic news cycle could weaken the historically popular environmental law

The U.S. Coast Guard closes the Potomac River any time President Trump wants to hit the links.

A group of the world's best cave divers joined to help save the 12 boys and their coach in one of the most dangerous missions of its kind

Broken pipes, crumbling walkways, closed trails—this is what the $11.6 billion maintenance backlog looks like on the ground

Rescuers spent nine days searching for the 12 boys and their coach. They finally found them two miles deep in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave system.

Within a month, the remains of two people—one of them half-buried—were found inside the park's boundaries, a place with a storied relationship to death

The last two tree sitters fighting the 300-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline project in Jefferson National Forest surrendered to police. Will others take their place?

The park police typically help keep the peace at urban monuments, but the Department of Interior is sending a group to the U.S.-Mexico border to chase smugglers. Sort of.

A powerful storm swept the mountains over the weekend and killed more than a dozen people

Conservatives, liberals, 100,000 outraged public commenters—the interior secretary had trouble getting anyone behind his plan

In seasons with little snow, people make fewer trips to the mountains, which has a huge impact on local economies

Companies focused on resource extraction now have access to huge chunks of the former national monument

The résumé of P. Daniel Smith, including a troubling work history

If the government shuts down tomorrow, Ryan Zinke wants to keep these lands open. What that actually looks like is at best confusing and at worst dangerous.

The intensifying war between Republicans and Patagonia could now move to Capitol Hill—exactly where the outdoor industry could make the most impact

Researchers at the University of Montana found that nearby towns dependent on tourist dollars stand to lose millions

Arguments against opening the last great American wilderness to oil companies tend to get emotional, but the best argument may be the cost