Proving, once again, that kids don't have to slow you down

Coziness is good, but a little hardship is way more meaningful

This summer, get your kids off the couch and get swole

Take your children fishing. Then do that over and over again for the rest of your life.

Watch the waves, watch your children, and, above all, keep it fun

What do you do when your kid thinks winning is everything?

You can. You should. It will become part of your family lore.

Five important lessons I learned from ‘Raising Humans in a Digital World'

Lower your expectations, be kind to yourself, and always pack hot chocolate

Beat the winter blues by turning your lawn into a laboratory

America's outdoor preschools are unregulated and mostly benefit the privileged. Still, they're a damn good idea.

Children are much more likely to enjoy outdoor activities—and stick with them—if they start out at the right moment in their physical and cognitive development.

There’s a simple solution to the vexing challenge of getting teens to put down their phones: education

For toddlers and teens and everyone in between, these stories will ignite a sense of adventure

Making your favorite tree or flower reproduce itself is easier than you think

Presenting the best burgs on the planet

How does a city turn itself from a backwater to one of Outside's Best Towns? Libby, Montana, is trying to figure it out.

The sport will return to the 2016 Olympics after nearly a century, and Carlin Isles is the player we can't wait to watch

One of the best climbers of her generation points her skis down 27,766-foot Makalu

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