Fifty years ago this August, Sir Hugh Beaver, of the Guinness brewing company, commissioned a London fact-finding agency to compile a book of records so British pub-goers could discuss something besides their aching livers. The resulting Guinness Book of World Records, which issues a new edition each October, has since…

Don't just hike—follow in the footsteps of famous explorers and naturalists

Earth-friendly cool is everywhere, from Hollywood and innovative building design to hybrid cars and candy bars. You live, breathe, and play green already—so why not come full circle by bringing it all back home?

When four-time Iditarod champ Doug Swingley quit last year’s race after frozen corneas left him unable to see, no one questioned his grit. Who would mush some 1,200 frozen miles from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, blind? Actually, Rachael Scdoris would. The 20-year-old from Bend, Oregon, will be at the starting…

Rod Liberal was climbing in the Grand Tetons when the worst happened—a flash of lightning blasted him and a group of his climbing friends, leaving one dead. What's life like after high voltage rips through your body? You don't want to know.

For the first time in history, both major presidential candidates are serious about action sports. President George W. Bush rides singletrack and runs. Senator John Kerry snowboards, windsurfs, and pedals a high-end road bike. This month, in an online exclusive, we take a look at the prospective Dudes in Chief…

Americans like to keep score. What better way to keep track of who’s good, better, and best than by casting bronze busts and collecting premium castoffs, then sticking them all in one place? Baseball may have Cooperstown, but surfing gets Lihue, Hawaii. Here’s what else you’ll find in our favorite…

Poach the perfect moment with the latest chip-enhanced optical wizardry

Call us rubberneckers, but who can resist the panic, terror, and inspiration of a good survival tale? We combed through vast libraries of lore to find 10 more unforgettable, nearly unbelievable great escapes. Brace yourself.

Forget space aliens and serial killers—the latest movie monster is global warming

The shocking last wishes of a Hollywood heavy

Ten North American spas that will recharge your mind, body, and soul

Amy Bechtel was there, and then she simply wasn't

Eileen and Tom Lonergan went out for a day of scuba diving, and never came back. The story behind the movie Open Water.

Philip Smethurst is training young adventurers to spread Christianity to the planet's wildest corners

"You never know. After this summer, my whole next album could be about kayaking."

After 34 years of blazing trails, Colin Fletcher anoints a footloose, gear-crazed successor

The Brightest Stars of Stage and Scree

Warm, windswept, unfettered, ever-changing—North America's four great desert regions hide untold possibilities for classic winter adventure. They may be scorching and sere, with prickly dangers over every horizon, but if you know where to go—and how to explore wisely—you'll find these 500,000 square miles of desolation downright hospitable.

A tough-as-nails cadre of Russian and Ukranian speleologists wriggles and blasts its way to caving's grand prize: the mythic 2,000-meter mark

Thanks to improved safety standards and tandem flights, scores of acrophobes are giving hang gliding a second wind. And now, they're soaring in style—over the Golden Gate Bridge.

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