Attacked while filming video

Organizers cite allegations of police brutality

The best clothes for our favorite time of year

Boston Marathon memorabilia you’ll actually wear

Article led to multiple lawsuits

Cameron Bean hit by vehicle while running

In buildup to 2016 U.S. Olympic team trials marathon

When comedian’s tour stops in Portland

The students were hit during a group run

A stately machine that’s fit for a king—or a conniving president

Venture Snowboards announced Thursday that it will not release boards for the 2015/16 season

Will focus on competition instead of time

Seven-time national title winner challenges USATF.

Two in-contest tests reveal anabolic agents

Athletes Goucher and Fleshman in attendance

The famous shimmering lights, now on your feet

The classic cowboy hat comes home.

Smell like the great outdoors, no matter where you are.

A throwable, auto-pilot drone to capture the ultimate POV shots.

A hand-made skateboard that's changing lives

The better way to sneak in booze

Turn the mountain into fun and games.

Micah True, the late star of the book ‘Born to Run,’ is the subject of a new documentary that seeks to unveil the man behind the legend

The 2015 Boston Marathon's top American shares the tunes in her head during her training month in Kenya

Officials cite suspicious circumstances

The 2014 Boston Marathon winner’s new book, 'Meb for Mortals', is just that: a guide to getting better as you grow older.

American cross-country legend Craig Virgin lays out the connection between distance running and farm work

Art from the forge isn’t dead.

The Olympic runner and his peers weigh in

A portable sound system built for the demands of the outdoors

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