Gear to make landing lunkers easy, no shooting required

These runners-up to the 2019 Outside Summer Buyer’s Guide will help you make perfect casts to perfect fish

Gear so capable, the trout will practically come to you

Smart looks and smarter design make this jacket the first thing we reach for when we head out the door

The raccoon became stranded on a building in St. Paul, Minnesota, earlier this week and is now climbing the UBS Tower

Walk softly and carry the right stick.

Active feet need love, too

A new poll of eight Western states reveals that most people are actually on the same page about public lands, renewable energy, and the importance of outdoor recreation

Continuing the tradition of Tom Morgan's signature smooth feel, only 50 of these new rods have been made. Without even casting it, I know it's amazing.

A new survey across the Department of the Interior shows that it’s not just the National Park Service plagued by these issues

New documents suggest that President Trump's Monday announcement will involve downsizing the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments by nearly a million acres each

A newly-released survey finds a culture that discourages victims from speaking out

A team of some of the top mountaineers attempt the first ski descent of the world's fifth-highest peak.

He made it from advanced base camp to the summit in 17 hours

The longtime guide with Alpine Ascents summited for the 21st time on May 27, tying Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi for the most summits on the world's highest mountain

The most expensive, complex, and risky recover mission in the mountain's history is about to get underway—and that's a mistake

Ribs, brisket, salmon. The best cookers do it all.

Snag that monster brown you’ve been chasing.

Everything you and your pal need for the best summer ever

The famed climber, who was known for his speed ascents, fell on Sunday, April 30, while preparing for a new route on Everest

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