Over the past few years, McCastle has completed 5,804 pull-ups in a single day, pulled a 5,000-pound truck across the Mojave Desert, and climbed a rope the equivalent height of Mount Everest. How on earth has this Navy SEAL dropout accomplished some of the craziest physical feats in recent memory?

Who says you have to chose between land or water?

Here's our problem with safaris: They're billed as authentic, up-close-and-personal wildlife experiences, but by Land Rover–bound definition, some are as canned as any Club Med junket. Closer to the real thing is Kiba Point, a brand-new luxury safari lodge in the heart of Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve. Selous is the…

Snowboard Gear/Gloves

In the early nineties, you couldn’t turn around without spilling a microbrew on some goateed guy’s flannel. Replace that six-pack with a bottle of brandy made from organic pears and you have the latest trend in happy-hour chic: craft distilling. Looking for ways to spice up your holiday liquor cabinet?…

This exotic archipelago used to be the sole domain of Darwin fanatics. Not anymore.