After a terrible diagnosis forced me to slow down, I learned how to relate differently to the wild—and myself. 

Pet adoptions have spiked during the pandemic. Now is the time to change outdoor dog culture for the benefit of people, public lands, wildlife, and the dogs themselves. 

Outside correspondent Kate Siber learned to reinhabit her body by being outdoors. But she didn’t expect that healing would also bring a new perspective on nature itself. 

With 'The Forests of California,' naturalist and artist Obi Kaufmann aims to deepen environmental literacy. He also argues that this cataclysmic time is an opportunity.

Ida Pfeiffer sailed the oceans, trekked through jungles, and scaled peaks, becoming one of the most famous women in Europe in the early 1800s   

How one nonprofit is working to get more people outside through urban adventures

Healthy and convenient or too good to be true? Our writer sampled a dozen of the most popular brands to find out.

A growing number of insurance carriers are encouraging us via cold, hard cash to get after it in nature

America’s grandest public lands have a big role to play in our health

Nature’s healing power may be in its ability to blow our minds

After a mental-health breakdown, Mexia grew obsessed with plants in her fifties and became one of the early 20th century’s great botanical collectors

Mary Austin wrote about the Mojave as brilliantly as John Muir wrote about the Sierra. Why was she forgotten? 

A new study prompted misguided reports suggesting that digital technology is just fine for kids. It isn’t.

Nearly a century ago, a small group of women pilots flew terrifying early airplanes, broke flying records, and raced—and beat—male pilots in air races

In 2017, the suicide rate in Durango, Colorado, was three times the national average. After 32 deaths in two years, the town's leaders banded together and instituted a range of changes with the goal of stopping the contagion. Their efforts may help other mountain towns to put an end to the grim "suicide belt" moniker for good.

Lucy Walker was the first woman to summit the Matterhorn and the Eiger—in a billowing dress—but she nearly vanished from history

Wilma Rudolph won three Olympic golds and was among the first athletes to use her celebrity to fight for civil rights

Cyclist Tillie Anderson came out of nowhere to shatter records, dominate her competition, and earn the world champion title during the late-19th-century women's racing craze

Pro climber Joe Kinder lost his job for harassing fellow pro Sasha DiGiulian on Instagram. Where do we go from here?

Aimée Crocker sailed across the Pacific, narrowly escaped murder in the jungle, and trounced the sexist and racist norms of her day

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