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Our ten-year-old ripper tests the pedal-assisted Woom UP 6 to find out

Snow-sports lovers, it's time to give your bathroom an upgrade

Every outdoor situation demands a slightly different layering system, but with these three puffies and three shells, you can pretty much do it all

Six lady shredders, sizes 4 to 16, tried nearly all of the mountain-bike overshorts on the market to find the ones that truly fit, flatter, and perform

A nice warm rinse can boost your camping trips to new heights of luxury. Here are our favorite setups.

If you’re worried about how the current campsite and rental-car shortages are going to impact your summer travels, consider these options. We’ve rounded up our favorite companies in six cities, plus the itineraries to test them out on.

I’ve never been one for post-bath luxuries, but this cozy zip-up has me hooked

New technologies and better materials have enabled a few willing brands to make bikes with big wheels and extra-small frames feel nimble and fast

The right combination of power, finesse, and comfort

Coats for every adventure, from sunny singletrack to frigid summits

Challenge winter's chill with these insulated jackets

Because you don’t want to be huddled in the lodge while fresh snow is falling

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With its impressive new 29er, one brand is increasing its commitment to women's rides

One company thinks it can solve the global algae crisis by making sneakers from sludge

Women cyclists who train long hours on a bike often experience damage to their genitalia. But Specialized's new Mimic saddles could solve the problem.

A new startup called Vast Terrain taps U.S. suppliers to make top-shelf goods

Lightweight hikers that command the path

At long last, full-protection shells that breathe, too

A year after Bonnie Carroll's husband, U.S. Army brigadier general Tom Carroll, died, she devoted her life to caring for those who’d lost loved ones from war. For widowed women in Afghanistan, this called for more than emotional support.

Nadia Burton couldn't always find ski gear that fit her body or her style. So she made her own.

There would be no Border Route Trail without John Elliott

This gear shop owner moved from Nebraska to Wyoming's Wind Rivers for a smaller salary and higher cost of living. She wouldn't change it for the world.

Olde Virden's Red Hot pepper flakes turn even the rankest dehydrated meal into mouthwatering fare

The Garden State doesn't usually bring to mind bucolic wilderness. But if you ask people in the know, that's only because you've been looking in the wrong place.

New owners are revitalizing Shaw's, the beloved hostel on the Appalachian Trail

These trails thrill hikers with more than just scenery

Don't rely on convenience stores and junk food to fuel your miles

For years I wrote off fur-trimmed gear as all look and no performance. I stand corrected.

Our favorite puffies and shells for men and women, whether you’re riding lifts or out for a tour

The AWD-e aces snowy roads—but there's a catch

One small Colorado-based ski company invited women to describe their perfect powder ski—then made their dreams a reality

Her surfing students wanted swimsuits that stayed put and had a place to stash a key or money. So Andrea “Mona” Picasso created some—and they’re brilliant.

The Swedish apparel company ReDew makes the comfiest, best-fitting performance denim we've found for women on the move. Bonus: the jeans are made in part from recycled plastic bottles.

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