A packable jacket that looks as good on the bike as it does in the city.

A watch that pays tribute to America's first fighter pilots.

Fender just released its first Bluetooth speaker and it rocks

A beautiful longboard handcrafted in Africa

The saying, "straight out of a Mad Max film," gets overused. But really, this custom motorcycle ($40,000) looks like it's straight out of a Mad Max film.

This 3.25-inch fixed-blade knife ($20) looks more like a USB drive than a tactical blade when housed in its sheath and hung around your neck.

This Australian teardrop (from $42,300) unfolds like origami into a proper backcountry basecamp.

A Bond villain's Land Rover Defender.

A phone case with a built-in lens system.

This Heritage Edition Defender 90 was one of the last Defenders to roll off the line before Land Rover ceased production on the beloved SUV. Now it's for sale.

This tent opens like a clamshell.

A lens replacement program for your sunglasses.

A treehouse in Cape Town, South Africa.

How to pedal (and eat) your way through Chianti country.

The Conqueror 490 ($42,850) will go places an Airstream can only dream of.

This knife is so good it has been around for 200 years.

Here's why you might consider an overlanding trailer: it's heavy to tow, but capable of going almost anywhere. And, once you park and set up camp, you're free to use your truck.

This bike concept from Budapest has one giant saddle built into the top tube so two people can ride it at once, or a cyclist can pedal solo.

Go ahead, be a sheep and get the same insulated metal growler as everyone else. Or you could be a forward-looker and opt instead for this growler ($68) handmade from slip-cast ceramic. The sides are a full half-inch thick to keep your brew cold and the neck is carefully crafted on a potter's…

With transparent rooms, Buubble Lodge is the best place to watch the northern lights.

A hammock stand that mounts to the roof of your car.

A custom Ducati to benefit the Shiners Children Hospital

This tiny home has a full bathtub and a dishwasher

A guitar handcrafted from repurposed whiskey barrels

This glass will actually make your whiskey taste better

Airstream designed a bike.

This off-grid escape sits on a small, remote British Columbia island and overlooks the Salish Sea. Rainwater barrels provide water for outdoor bathing, solar powers the cabin, and a woodstove keeps everything warm and cozy.  Buy Now  …

This camper can transform into a standing cottage in 10 minutes

A Defender that's just as comfortable on the pavement as it is off road.

A grill that's integrated into an eight-person table.

This ATV is literally built like a tank

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