Kids learn best through stories, and these books weave gripping tales with messages about caring for the planet

A growing body of research suggests that it’s no longer sustainable to bury our waste in the wilderness

By portraying predators as villains, we are influencing how our children perceive the natural world

Stories about kids who break hiking or climbing records feel like the continuation of an outdated and unhealthy attitude toward outdoor recreation

Eco-conscious parents are turning to electric utility bikes to haul their most precious cargo: their children

The South American pack animal is the perfect companion for getting deep into the wilderness with little ones

The pandemic forced schools to teach outside. Many teachers, parents, and kids want to keep it that way.

Public lands have become more trodden and restrictive, but the pandemic-era craziness might not last

Your family’s next adventure begins when the sun goes down

Here’s what to do when your little one brings up sea-level rise, extinction, wildfires, and other ecological griefs

A shortage of places to camp is hurting the environment and limiting diversity in the outdoors. But there are some innovative solutions on the table.

Facebook is developing a new app for children, and advocates think it’s a terrible idea

Ambreen Tariq’s new children’s book tells the story of an immigrant family’s first camping trip and expands the canon of outdoor literature for kids

Proposed laws in more than two dozen states seek to exclude transgender youth from interscholastic sports, depriving them of community and confidence-building skills

The nonprofit Skiku has brought nordic skiing to thousands of Native kids in Alaska, where access to the sport has historically been limited

An ambitious new project is based on a straightforward and very attainable goal: to help kids spend as much time outdoors as they do in front of screens

With the right clothing, tools, and toys, your family can be happy and comfortable out there anytime

A new travel book offers an inspiring reminder of possibilities at a moment when we really need it

It’s the perfect wilderness vehicle for children who are too small to get far on their own but too heavy to carry

With at-home schooling the norm in many areas, we put together a P.E. plan for a full semester of fun and creative movement

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