Camper vans, pop-ups, RVs, and more—if you're ready to upgrade from tent camping, you've got plenty of options. Use this handy tool to pick your ideal vehicle setup.

Creating a shelter in nature is fun, encourages creativity, and offers an emotional refuge from the pandemic

The climbing prodigy's book, 'How to Solve a Problem,' teaches youth how to approach seemingly impossible challenges

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Set up a tent, turn off your screens, and enjoy some family bonding—without leaving home

Although the coronavirus has shuttered schools and events across the country, outdoor spaces can be a healthy outlet for families—but it's important to stay informed and cautious

Like many outdoor sports, cycling struggles with gender equality. In Colorado, a handful of youth organizations are trying to change that.

Cozy up with one and start planning your next family adventure

Italian students will soon be required to learn about global warming. American kids? Not so much.

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From hair ties to hydration bladders, women share their top pregnancy hacks

The successful businesswomen learned all about entrepreneurship at home on the windswept Aleutian Islands. They had to.

From summer heat to deep snow, here's a practical and affordable list of things you need

Princess Daazhraii Johnson, a creative producer for the PBS series, tells Outside that the show is a "way of saying that it’s OK to be who you are, you should be proud of that."

Tips from the pros about the importance of communication, being prepared for a breakdown, and taking it slow

Kids need more outdoor playtime, and one national nonprofit is helping provide families with just that

Taking a tiny human floating seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be

For active mamas-to-be, nine months of playing it too safe feels wrong. Good news: you don't have to give up on outdoor adventure.

After nearly 40 years of attempts by multiple people—and at least one mysterious disappearance—Scott Donaldson became the first person to paddle alone across the 1,400-mile stretch of ocean

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