On the morning of June 30, all 20 members of Prescott, Arizona's Granite Mountain Hotshots headed into the mountains to protect the small town of Yarnell from an advancing blaze. Later that day, every man but one was dead. Through interviews with family, colleagues, and the lone survivor, a former hotshot pieces together their final hours—and the fatal choices

These are the best places to live in America.

Why were 19 experienced firefighters killed when an Arizona blaze blew out of control? Equally important: Can we prevent such a disaster from ever happening again?

Fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire

Norway has everything the alps does—towering mountains, five-star restaurants, loads of culture. You also get fjords, glaciers, epic whitewater, and a few thousand polar bears.

Drought and climate change have turned western forests into firebombs that go off every summer. Even with new technology, the essential weapon in the fight against flame are the Hotshots, an elite group of wilderness first responders who head straight for the heat.

Nothing beats the original.

A Depression-era insulating material is becoming the hottest thing in outerwear

The Qrave isn't flashy but has plenty of steak-searing power.

Outside reviews the best gear from SIA's 2013 Snow Show, including the Rossignol Soul 7.

Outside reviews the best gear from SIA's 2013 Snow Show, including the Scott LCG.

Outside reviews the best gear from Outdoor Retailer's 2013 Winter Show, including the Backcountry Access BC Link.

Outside reviews the best gear from Outdoor Retailer's 2013 Winter Show, including the Vapur MicroFilter.

Outside reviews the best gear from Outdoor Retailer's 2013 Winter Show, including the K2 Snowboarding Kwicker System.

As backcountry skiing has boomed, so has splitboarding. In the past five years, participation has quadrupled, and companies from Black Diamond to Burton to K2 have tossed their hats into the ring with split-specific gear.

Watch Lucas Brunelle's controversial documentary about the world of alley cat racing

Fall is here, and the temps are dropping—time to pick a fresh new adventure in the American Southwest

Watch Dan Ransom's 22-minute film about canyoneer Richard Rudow's exploration of an undiscovered slot in the Grand Canyon.

From sharks and cougars to avalanches and frozen waters, four survivors share their stories in their own words. Plus: expert commentary.

Colorado's hugely destructive Waldo Canyon fire is still burning and politicians are trying to capitalize on the disaster. Please, knock it off.

From paddling to biking to hiking, here are the top spots from Nova Scotia to the Northwest Territories

Short conversations with the world's most interesting people

April Vokey’s crusade to save a foundering sport

Our editors' favorite movies from this year's Mountainfilm in Telluride

From GoPros to iPhones, cameras are everywhere. But that doesn’t mean the demise of “real” cameras, as some have predicted. Instead, manufacturers have responded to the proliferation of do-everything smartphones by continuing to improve image quality while simultaneously piling on the best features that can dream up.

Surfer Mark Visser has a can’t-miss formula for becoming cable’s next action hero: crazy stunts, against-the-odds luck, and a growing Internet fan base. So why isn’t it working?

A multimedia guide to seven of North America’s best adventure destinations—featuring Duct Tape Then Beer’s new videos series

Our experts break down the science behind five environmental conundrums

Richard Jeo, 43, Portland, Oregon

Cliff Hodges, 31, Santa Cruz, California

A closer look at Brain Farm's high-tech arsenal.

Should Portland have drained its reservoir after a drunk, 21-year-old man peed in it?

The brief but terrifying history of the Las Conchas forest fire, from flash point to nuclear scare

July 15-17, Alta, Wyoming.

A look at the outermost limits of human performance, from the fastest marathon and longest swim to smokingest fastball and deepest freedive.

The key to finding fresh adventure in the national parks? These ten strategies will get you far beyond the camera-toting hordes to where empty peaks, forgotten trails, and lonely rivers await.

They climbed the biggest walls, descended the longest rivers, and sailed the highest seas. And they went farther and faster under their own power than anyone else in 2010. Chosen for their ambition, their attitude, and their audacious lines, these are Outside's inaugural adventurers of the year.

From hot springs to mountain-town fiestas to one surprisingly easy island getaway, we've got you covered.

Get Up for the Downslope.

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