Nadine Marchal and her loom have made everything from sandals to climbing rope more stylish

Simone Anne soloed all 220 miles of the trail in a month, capturing her favorite moments along the way and posting them to her feed.

Michal Huniewicz is a UK software developer with a knack for photography and a penchant for visiting places most tourists wouldn’t touch. The Saharan country of Mauritania certainly qualifies as one such place.

In 2003, Messner began work on the Messner Mountain Museum (MMM) project, a series of six interdisciplinary spaces devoted to exploring the nature, history, and culture of the mountains they are embedded in and to those who love to climb them.

The Urban Wildlife Conservation Program is the best outdoor initiative you’ve never heard of. Let these fantastic photos be an introduction.

The winners of the The World at Night's annual photo contest. Whoa!

A new algorithm might be the key to never having a bad race again.

You need to equate exercise, not count calories

Tax increase would fund new water source

Dan Berlin didn't start running until he lost his sight. He's now running somewhere most runners only dream of—across the Grand Canyon—and he'll become the first blind runner to do so.

The Olympian is a beer-drinking, book-writing, and record-setting outdoorsman who can run a half-mile faster than you can read the first page of his new book.

Judge says private landowner must let them access waves

Students prefer standing and build healthy habits

Research shows outdoor walks improve mental health

New protocol enables referee timeouts for head injuries

Critics say it falls far short of what's needed

Claims the company understated the "Blackfish" effect

At the expense of genetic modification

Technofied utensil makes you pause between bites

Workouts and a glass pair perfectly

Rory Bosio repeats win, Francois D'Haene sets new course record

Nepalese government is using new trash laws as a distraction

Makes healthy diets unappealing

Easier access to Granite Canyon backcountry

The latest research throws out the current guidelines

Obstacle athletes will "compete and repeat"

"Game of Thrones" actor Bjornsson wins title

The Golden State is now short more than a year's worth of water

Steeplechaser loses third championship title for crazy antics

Alpine gear company co-founder replaced by former Gap executive

London plans to create a floating village

America's favorite bear turns 70 on Saturday

PareUp app is designed to reduce food waste

New labels will actually be FDA regulated

Armstrong's trusted doctor continues to treat athletes

Lasers and virtual chainsaws are now training tools

New app makes planning outdoor activities easy

Dubai awards gold for each pound dropped

Riots, threats at U.S. Open of Surfing

First Italian champion in 16 years

New fitness app centers around "progress pictures" feature

Algae and ginger will revolutionize your health

While attempting to fly around the world in 30 days

Treadmill washes clothing during your workout

Give them shark sightings and they will come

Team Sky's bikes ride in style thanks to Jaguar

Couple points finger at phone company for triggering rescue

584-mile run is the baddest of them all

Gritty GC favorite battled crashes and illness

Spends 144 hours alone in the Sierra Nevada

Has scientists saying, "What on (or off) earth?" as theories surface

Why carbs are not always (ever?) your friend

Reese Witherspoon plays PCT hiker trying to find herself

CDC report finds kids are watching more TV, moving less

Reservoir water level reaches record low

Would link Atlantic, Pacific Oceans

Innovative protected intersections have potential, but…

Navigates fireworks, captures incredible video

New device calculates calories in your meal

Purchased eight square miles on the Fijian island of Vanua Levu

Why over-the-hill mobiles are saviors on the mountain

How a Florida statute is keeping Miami's beaches polluted

Study finds people support socially responsible companies

Nick Woodman rings NASDAQ Opening Bell

Wearable tech lets you run next to yourself

The world's first bike-share program for kids

Yogurt company takes consumers from cow to cup

Marks the country's first whaling campaign since IJC court ruling

Because Tang and Nescafe are so Apollo 13

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