Why reaching outdoor nirvana means journeying far from the beaten path

In 2017, the Trump administration announced that it was shrinking the iconic Utah national monument by nearly 50 percent. Leath Tonino devised a sketchy 200-mile solo desert trek, following the path of the legendary cartographer who literally put these contentious canyons on the map.

The Jack Jumping World Championships—where competitors attach a single ski to a stool, then hang on as they hurtle down the slope—has been going strong for almost four decades. Mixing a bit of history with adrenaline and flipping a bird at the Big Ski establishment in the process, the event showcases ski culture at its very finest.

The most perilous road in America gets 300 inches of snow a year, features 70 named avalanche paths, and has almost no guardrails. Who would be crazy enough to keep Colorado's infamous Highway 550 clear in winter? Leath Tonino hopped into the cab of a Mack snowplow truck to find out.

Bernie Krause’s vast library of field recordings reveals a sad truth: wild sounds are quickly vanishing

The persistent water shortage in the West is changing the landscape not only in ways you can see, but ways you can hear