Tips, gear, and goals to make the cold less torturous

Forget the forecast. This gear will keep you moving through the toughest season.

Kelly Slater closes (some) of gap to tour-leading Gabriel Medina

Last year in Nazaré, Portugal, the Brazilian surfer nearly drowned while trying to ride the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman. Most of the alpha males who dominate the sport say Gabeira doesn't belong in their ranks, but nothing will stop her from going back in.

Six new ways to power up without sacrificing taste

A made-in-America longboard to keep you rolling proud

Why Clint Dempsey is the perfect player to shoulder Team USA's daunting World Cup campaign

The U.S. soccer team's breakfast of choice.

Timbertek's packable Baked Potato is a tough and tiny surfboard

With a time of 2:08:37, first American winner since 1983

Plans to start own apparel line

Is the heightened state of consciousness a chemical reaction or something more ineffable?

Easy gear upgrades to get you race-ready without mortgaging the house

You don't need a fancy kit to make it to the finish line.

Time to chuck the ab-blaster and sell the ellipti-trainer. All you need for your ultimate home fitness center are these key essentials.

Every good athlete has at least one soft spot. Want to be great? Strengthen your weakest link.

Joel Tudor's longboard revival is showcased in a new documentary

Alejo Muniz wins $100,000 in a wave-less finale, and eight spectators are arrested in a riot.

We go shoulder to shoulder in Los Angeles’s Marathon Crash Race, a 4,000-strong underground scrum

Australian surfer David Scard, 37, runs Kirra-based World Surfaris’ Stealth Travel Club, which whisks surfers to the biggest waves at a moment’s notice. His success rate: 100 percent.

A professional freediver is training athletes to get more oxygen with every breath

You can't control the elements, so may as well keep track of their goings-on. These handy apps will keep you on top of things.

Only 2 percent of people who toe a marathon starting line will break 3 hours. As Matt Skenazy found out, joining that club isn't easy.

Three new trips in the world's wildest places

How the San Jose Earthquakes forward handles a grueling eight-month soccer season

The Blendtec is the best no matter what you're mixing.

John John Florence was 19 when he became the youngest surfer ever to win the Triple Crown. Is he the next great phenomenon?

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