When one of the world’s best crack climbers was grounded by chronic fatigue syndrome—a mysterious illness with disabling symptoms that can include a mix of confusion, headaches, and sensory overload—his life became an uphill struggle just to feel human again.

There’s no such thing as a truly accurate one

It showed up, attracted a flood of selfie seekers, and disappeared four days later. But now, after death threats and a federal investigation, it's with BLM officials trying to figure out where it came from in the first place.

A new cookbook explains how to feed your hungry family or a group of marathoners without calorie-dense meats

High-performance kit to go faster and farther

At the outer edges of endurance sports, something interesting is happening: women are beating men

Crunches and planks won't cut it. If you want to develop real, useful core strength, you need to work harder.

On the heels of announcing their ambitious Breaking2 project, it was revealed that Nike filed a patent for a new shoe featuring a spring plate in its sole

Devices to help you fuel better and faster

In Guadalajara, mariachi echoes through the streets, tacos are a staple provision, and barrels of tequila are made at the nearby Patrón Hacienda.

(Grovemade) Grovemade Walnut Pocket Knife Guaranteed Pleaser Grovemade’s Walnut pocket knife, designed and built in Portland, Oregon, is as ­durable as it is elegant, with a stainless blade and polished handle.  Price $169 Buy Now (Fox River) Fox River New American Rag Crew Socks Fox River’s New American…

When warmth is at a premium, nothing quite beats the feeling of being swaddled in down or synthetic insulation

Seven tools to document, control, and amplify your outdoor pursuits.  (Fugoo) Fugoo XL Sport Speaker  Guaranteed Pleaser The Fugoo XL Sport speaker handles the hardest bass drops and most delicate acoustic strums. Unlike many purportedly weatherproof competitors, it’s a truly durable unit: we left it in the rain for a week with…

Gear to get after it, on the water or the snow.  (Red Paddle Co.) Red Paddle Co. Explorer+ Board Guaranteed Pleaser Red Paddle Co. uses hard plastic rail reinforcements to make the stiffest inflatable stand-up paddle-boards on the market. Case in point, the 13'2″ Explorer+ board is sturdy enough to carry…

You heard it here first: socks have ascended the gift hierarchy from vanilla stocking stuffer to one of the season’s most exciting presents. This is especially true for those that are meant to go beyond the pavement. These six offer the same purposefully over-the-top colors and patterns as their ­metro brethren…

(Noble Denim) Noble Denim Truman Jeans  Guaranteed Pleaser These Noble Denim Truman jeans are the product of a collaboration between Ohio-based Noble and merino-focused Vermont clothing company Ibex. They prove that combining cotton and wool makes for a light—and handsome—alternative to traditional pants. Price $300 Buy Now (Nau ) Nau Altiplano Alpaca…

Eight products to treat your skin right.  (Love and Leche) Love and Leche's Mountain Goat Lotion Bar Guaranteed Pleaser Love and Leche’s ­Mountain Goat lotion bar served us well after a day of rock climbing, moisturizing split fingers and calming ­blisters. It also excels as a lip balm and tames scraggly…

For those who prefer to get their workouts in on either end of the 9-to-5

Give them the gift to fuel that wanderlust

Bump up your cooking game at home and at camp.  (Peg and Awl) Peg and Awl Cutting and Serving Board Guaranteed Pleaser The rugged charm of the Peg and Awl Cutting and Serving board comes from its reclaimed wood and aged-steel boat cleats. Those same materials also make it the most durable item in your cupboard.

With nothing more than his bike, running shoes, and small amount of gear, Joe Grant managed to climb every fourteener in Colorado in record time. Here’s how he pulled it off.

It’s time to take a few tips from women

If you’re willing to work hard, conquer your fears, and maybe don some superhero spandex, anything is possible

A growing number of ­scientists, athletes, and even a retired general believe that ­fasting leads to better health. Should you listen?

You’ve seen the cupping marks on Michael Phelps’ shoulders, but other athletes are also using a variety of Eastern medicine practices to recover better and stay in peak condition through the Games.

Ultrarunner Gonzalo Calisto, who placed fifth in last year’s UTMB, was recently busted for doping. His indictment posed a grave question: can the sport save itself before it's too late?

Is heat better than altitude? The science seems to say so.

Change is coming—in equipment, in the way we watch it, and even in the way we define what it is

Larry Olmsted's new book reveals the surprising truth about counterfeit foods.

For those who run, the sport is a subject of inexhaustible interest. From goosebump-inducing trail porn to the most thoughtful ruminations on running and life, here's how we stock our running library.

Crib from Krar’s experience to get the most out of your summer runs.

Creative casual in Honolulu's new art hub

Products to keep your core temperature down and your performance up

Companies are making digital devices that not only track your steps but also up your style game

The best way to see a Yellowstone few people ever do

Instead of changing designs seasonally, Taylor Stitch changes them every week. And the company wants your input.

Kit up for your next weekend—or yearlong—getaway

Best practices for a good buzz

Take care of the two things that support you wherever you go—and endure the most abuse

The best clothes for our favorite time of year

Spurred by hipster idealism, the former automobile capital of the world is enjoying a post-bankruptcy renaissance. Rents are low, millenials are moving in, and the old neighborhoods are buzzing with potential.

Perfect for shooting mind-bogglingly clear footage in hard-to-reach spots

USGS Topographical Map: A detailed representation of a landscape, created by the United States Geological Survey, and a rare example of something every bit as beautiful as it is useful.

The "Swiss Machine" is halfway through an undertaking to summit 82 peaks across Western Europe in 80 days. How’s he holding up?

The top three mistakes and how to fix them

Six versatile essentials to help you look and feel your best

The famous rock climber put away the trad gear for a research project with UC Berkeley on the California coast in which he pulled samples from the 700-year-old trunk of a giant redwood

Over the past decade, ultrarunning has gone from a fringe pursuit for distance freaks to a hypercompetitive sport attracting big-time sponsors. But a mysterious training condition is suddenly plaguing its ranks, robbing a generation of top athletes of their talents and forcing victims to wonder: Is it possible to love this sport too much?

The city is a club-kid magnet. But abundant sunshine and a growing active community have attracted a new crop of hyperfit young professionals who aren’t here to party but to play.

We’ve all fantasized about dropping everything and carving out a private paradise the wilderness. Foster Huntington did exactly that.

It may be the best natural medicine there is

A new law may prevent people from gathering “data”—including snapping photographs—of the state’s natural environment.

The Women’s Running Essentials of 2015

In college, singer-songwriter David Berkeley filed field dispatches for Let's Go: Alaska.

Hey, outdoor-equipment companies: Please stop ignoring women who rip

Workout apparel that looks good enough for the runway

The springs inside this sole could make you a faster runner

Heavily cushioned running shoes, the 'New York Times' reports, are on the rise. But a closer look at the trend reveals a different story.

Is it possible to train your body to decrease the amount of rest it needs?

New animal-welfare standards for down insulation aim to clean up a grisly business.

The pride and joy of USA Nordic skiing knows a thing or two about training hard and treating yourself. Presenting Simi Hamilton's top five training tips to achieve cross-country glory.

The outdoor adventure company doesn't do girly. Their new women's gear is designed for adventurers, explorers, and athletes who play in the mountains for a living. Not surprisingly, the apparel works pretty well for the rest of us, too.

The company's used recycled materials for years and has even begun making wetsuits from plants. But its new Truth to Materials collection takes eco-friendly apparel to a whole new level.

The marathoner runs on routine—and strawberry cheesecake.

Tired of seeing great footage of female skiers left on the cutting room floor? So was Lynsey Dyer, which is why her new film is dedicated to girls who rip—and inspiring more to do the same.

Want to boost your smoothie? These little powerhouses are packed with nutrients.

New NPS restrictions cite safety concerns

With a series of impressive 100-mile wins under his belt and perhaps the most fitting name ever bestowed upon a shoe-salesman-slash-ultrarunner, Mike Foote seems to be doing everything right.

Some people might be built for speed and others for distance, but everyone benefits from running faster. This is how you do it.

The world's first smart soccer ball will fan your World Cup fever—and make you want to get back out on the pitch.

It's impossible to not have fun racing in a fat Elvis suit, no matter how painful the last mile is.

The original energy bar is back with Epic, Omnibar, and Tanka Bar

The new TheQ may be the most convenient travel cam we’ve ever seen.

Wipe that mustache off your face. With milk blamed for a growing list of health issues, we put the leading alternatives to the test.

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