You can get away on a dime at this time of year

The gear and the skills you need to get home safely

What you need to treat blisters—and prevent them from happening in the first place

From remote wilderness resorts to a ski-in, ski-out hotel, these properties care as much about environmental practices as they do guest amenities

State-of-the-art protection, minus that clamped-down feeling

Eager to find the perfect resort? Read on.

Do it poorly—or not at all—and you could start the next catastrophic wildfire

There's an easy and quick getaway for fall leaf peeping, no matter where you are in the region

Skip the crowds at the national parks and head to these amazing monuments instead

You're not going to want to do this at home

Our guide for which mega ski pass is the best one for you

Forget about the booked-months-in-advance sites inside the parks. These nearby campgrounds guarantee availability, quiet, and solitude.

Because demoing bikes and gear, exploring great locations, and celebrating afterward with new friends, craft beer, and music is way more fun than riding alone

Because you don't want to be led deep into the backcountry by just anyone

Eight one-of-a-kind events for those who aren't into the standard swim, bike, run

You can soak and stay at these rad spots

For times when you want the surf and sand but not all the hype

If you're interested in disaster tourism, these places are packed with adventures and need your dollars more than ever before

Eight places to (safely) spy on bears—and other big game—in their natural habitat

Doing it right takes more than just a hose and a bottle of chain grease

The last thing you want is to go for a drink and end up sipping dirty water

Give back to the trails you enjoy. It's good for you and the place you’re visiting.

Book a room and score perks, like a stargazing kit, bike-park access, or a hiking guidebook

Want to get away on a dime? Here's where to go.

Stunning swimming holes, lakes, and pools to dunk into as temps heat up

If you think travel agents disappeared completely in the age of online booking, think again. They're back—in a whole new, modern form.

Skip the masses at popular vistas and landmarks, and opt for these nearby (empty!) locales instead

Not all camping mattresses are built the same

Hopefully you don't get charged by a bear in the first place. But in a worst-case scenario, here's what to do.

We pulled together a few of our favorite places to camp—some developed campgrounds, some not—alongside America’s most stunning rivers

Because, really, what's not to love about someone providing a luxe tent for you in these awesome locations?

Whether you’re in the mood for beer and barbecue, a dance party, or a shot of adrenaline, these events are a guaranteed blast

What to do if one of these bloodsuckers finds its way onto you or your dog

We cover the necessities, plus a few extras and friendly pointers

Whether you're looking for deals on gear or an inside line on your dream trip, the perfect group is just a click away

Meet the newest trend in full-service trip planning: surprise travel. You won't find out where you're going until it's time to go.

Who says you can't camp in (or near) big cities?

Spending a night in paradise doesn’t have to cost as much as a month’s rent back home

Don't travel this iconic route without hitting up great camping, hiking, surfing, and more along the way

Yogis are flocking to plein air classes everywhere from the African bush to downtown Austin rooftops

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