Atlantic bluefin tuna are among the most hunted species on the planet and one of the best ways to see the effects of an increasingly industrialized food chain. But for a few short weeks during early summer on Spain’s southern coast, an ancient ritual known as the almadraba still plays out—an intense, intimate, and violent tradition that strives to harvest some of the world's most valuable seafood in a sustainable manner.

Haiti would be a rare sight on anyone's list of surfing hotspots. Despite beautiful beaches and solid breaks, the country is better known as a poster child for the failure of international aid in the wake of two devastating natural disasters—not to mention issues of violence, disease, and endemic corruption that persist today. However, since 2010 a small group of aid workers has been teaching local kids to surf the waves of Kabic Beach, roughly 45 minutes outside of Haiti's cultural capital, Jacmel. Many of these kids, despite growing up on the water, first had to learn to swim.