After more than a decade in the spotlight, the Hollywood star has a new HBO Max project, ‘The Climb,’ that lets him do what he loves most: scale gnarly cliffs alongside climbing icon Chris Sharma

In an exclusive interview about his first album in five years, the multiplatinum-selling musician opens up about his competitive side, songwriting, and the struggle to stay optimistic in trying times

Honest-to-God advice on how to enjoy nature, from an actor-comedian-author-canoe-builder who grew up on a farm and takes rock stars rafting

Why Apple’s CEO wants to make health and wellness the company’s greatest legacy

Backed by billionaire philanthropists and Silicon Valley venture capitalists, a wave of entrepreneurs are developing high-tech, low-cost technologies to probe the watery realms we still barely understand. Are the oceans finally getting their moon-shot moment?

Reality-TV stars never sustain long careers. Just don't tell that to Grylls.

On his new album, the king of mellow beach music takes a bold turn. We asked him why.

We talked to design maverick Thomas Meyerhoffer about the importance of always exploring. Then we had him speak with four other visionaries building an ingenious new world.

With his new film 'Popstar' in the can, we helped the SNL alum 
blow off steam the best way we know how—birding

Tim Kovar travels the world helping people scale giants

What’s spurring so many A-list celebrities to appear on a survival TV show? The chance to experience a little fear and risk, which, as Grylls keeps telling us, only makes you stronger.

The portable shower has gotten a much-needed reboot

Gear companies know how to make packs lighter, jackets more waterproof, and skis burlier. The only problem: young people couldn’t care less.

Stephanie Gilmore was a world-champion surfer when a brutal attack by a stranger nearly ended her career. Now she's back on top, with a sixth world title, and reveals how she found happiness again—in the most unexpected places.

Examining the perpetual youth and singular talent of surfing's king

It started with a salsa bowl, some cheap Australian sunglasses, and a little help from Kickstarter. Now, Sunski is making waves—and its founders are living the dream.

On the other side of a distinguished career and a very public doping fiasco, America’s best cyclist not named Lance Armstrong can’t stop riding. But where is his generation of tainted racers heading?

In his new book, Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena spells out his recipe for success. The main ingredient? Pain.

Never mind the health and environmental benefits. It’s good for the soul.

Elevate your ski-season skills with these four trampoline exercises

An obstacle-racing obsessed filmmaker aims to find out why suffering has become America's favorite new sports pastime.

Les Stroud, the most trusted name in survival, has seen it all—and lived to tell about it. Next time you’re up a creek, you should probably do what he says.

Long popular in Europe, kid-hauling bikes with an electric assist are catching on stateside and opening up new roads for family adventure.

A new breed of jocks are taking over at Marin County’s Sir Francis Drake High School—endurance geeks who think spandex is cool, love getting dirty, and want to make mountain biking America’s favorite extracurricular activity.

Larry Ellison’s bid to convert America’s Cup sailing into a high-risk action sport was labeled a disaster before the first race. But it still might work.

The king of survival talks about his new NBC reality show Get Out Alive, mending fences with the Discovery Channel, and making regular people eat awful things. PLUS: Exclusive video clips from the new show.

It's a tough day for sailing and the America's Cup, but the news is hardly shocking.

There's a new generation taking over the Bay Area who aren't afraid to play as hard as they work.

The Specialized Turbo electric bike was supposed to be too fast for U.S. streets. But starting this weekend, you can buy one.

Considering that he’s already devised miracle shortcuts for jobs (The 4-Hour Workweek) and fitness (The 4-Hour Body), you might think Tim Ferriss, king of life hacking, would find few challenges in cooking. Wrong. It “kicked my ass so many times,” he writes in the first chapter of his latest book, The 4-Hour Chef, out this month from

The action cam company's latest iteration is, in a word, awesome.

The most ambitious environmental documentary since An Inconvenient Truth tries to make the case that we just might win

In the Napa Valley, Clif Bar CEOs Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford have built a wine-tasting room that doubles a a refuge for cyclists. To really understand the concept, I figured I had to join Erickson for a ride. I should have known better.

Last spring, Bear Grylls walked away from one of the sweetest gigs in the adventure world. Was it career suicide? Or a savvy move by a born survivor?

Nine Sonoma professionals model the season's top looks

Ignore what you've been told: Summer is the time to try something new

Wearable cameras aren’t just changing the way we watch sports—they’re changing the way we play.

Can a new fleet of scary-fast catamarans make the America's Cup wild enough to lure a different breed of fan? So far there have been epic wipeouts and multiple injuries. Which means everything is right on track.

How does a visionary marine biologist convince brain researchers to help him revolutionize ocean conservation? With lots of hugs, a million blue marbles, and one very unorthodox conference.

With a new Hollywood movie ­taking aim at birders, Michael ­Roberts steps up to defend his kind

Pedal there in good form with the Born Burke shoes.

Pedal there in good form in the Pladra Elli shirt.

Pedal there in good form with the Nobis Mr. Tight hat.

Pedal there in good form, with Levi's 511 Commuter jeans.

Pedal there in good form, with the Davek Traveler umbrella.

On wind-blasted San Fran­cisco Bay, a crew of hardcore rowers dodges freighters and fog banks for kicks. They are mostly women over 40. And they will destroy you.

Jonah Smith and Palmer West, both 38, Los Angeles

Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin, 35, Lawyer, Wyoming

Clif Bar Founder Gary Erickson and co-CEO Kit Crawford

The bestselling author power-hikes, powerlifts, and receives a megadose of vitamin C intravenously—all while lucidly explaining his plans to hack everything from fitness and humanitarian aid to surfing and medical research

Ian Frazier goes road-tripping through Siberia.

Tony Hawk went from skateboarder to mogul. How did that happen?

The future of ski goggles is here.

MIRACLE LENSThose clever Germans have done it again: The FLs boast the first binocular lenses infused with fluoride. The chemical, commonly used in telescope lenses, reduces the tendency of glass to disperse colors, and, as billed, these barrels seduce with stunningly bright and crisp images. I tried them at dusk,…

SPORTSTERAt a paltry 23 ounces, the Pinnacles are three to six ounces lighter than many full-size binocs, making them delightfully quick on the draw when chasing down skittish scrub birds. At 5.5 inches long, they’re also a little smaller than many competitors, and thus easier to pack. Light transmission and…

A couple years back, Brunton bagged its first Gear of the Year award with the burly, waterproof, scalpel-sharp Epochs. For 2005, greatness gets an upgrade. The new Brunton Epoch Zoom invites you to view the whole horizon, then drill in tight with the touch of a lever. Result? Another trophy…

SUPERSIZE MELast year’s Peregrines scored Gear of the Year by delivering sharp images and brilliant color rendition. By cranking the big objective lenses up to 50 millimeters—generally the upper limit for handhelds—and dialing back the magnification just a hair, Steiner is improving on greatness in a 26-ounce package. Bound for…

Because the heat of summer is upon us, we scoured the globe for the greatest sailing, fishing, paddling, diving, floating, surfing—you get the idea—trips out there. And since you can't always pop over to Indonesia, we picked a few close-to-home adventures, too.

These cutting-edge hybrid, tandem, and ultra-portable boats make it easy to hit the water.

In an era of massive oil spills and increasing energy demands, why does river conservation still matter? Because free-flowing water is fun. Because it's good for the national chutzpah. And because, as these four comeback stories illustrate, saving rivers is more profitable than exploiting them.

In which the world's favorite sunny-day-at-the-beach singer morphs into a hardened wild man with help from a surprising piece of inspiration. (Don't worry, his new music still goes perfectly with coconuts.)

Winter weekends are short and dark—which means you need to be fast and smart. Beat the blues with one of these surprisingly affordable escapes.

On his bizarro bottle boat, David de Rothschild is leading us to a new era of reusable plastics while resurrecting purpose in big-time adventure.

Sudden leaps in technology. Breakthrough products. Stunningly transformed landscapes. These things don't happen on their own—they require the vision and dedication of exceptional designers. Meet seven minds that are radically changing your world for the better.

For six months last year, Canadian Dave Salmoni, 34, a big-cat expert and the host of Animal Planet’s Predator Versus Prey and After the Attack, lived in Namibia among a pride of “last-chance” lions. The cats had been relocated to a private game park after repeatedly harassing humans on unmanaged…

An enterprising television series on Paul Watson’s ragtag navy has made saving the whales cool again. But can eco-pirates actually save them?

CEO, Evolve Sports and Mavericks Surf Ventures, San Francisco, CA

He snuck a parachute up the Empire State Building under a fat suit. He says he knows how to fly. Crazy? Maybe. But Jeb Corliss is sure fun to watch.

In mid-January, survival expert Bear Grylls began the third season of the Discovery Channel's Man Vs. Wild. The series, which has Grylls parachuting into remote wilderness with limited gear, is best known for scenes in which the guy with the accent eats disgusting things—decaying carcasses, grubs, elephant dung. The special on this season's menu: b

Ask Harrison Ford how to get lost and he'll tell you—eventually

It's a lot easier than you think to train for an Olympic-distance triathlon. And if you follow our newbie-friendly plan, it's also a blast.

How to bring the world's freshwater woes into focus? Try 3-D. On one of the most ambitious Imax projects to date, 44 river warriors including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Wade Davis go sloshing down the Grand Canyon—and try not to drop the million-dollar cameras into the drink.

Because every second you’re not living life to the fullest is an opportunity missed—and the clock is ticking. To get you going, we’ve handpicked a no-regrets, full-throttle, see-the-world list of 50 things to do before you die—from climbing an 8,000-meter peak to making the perfect martini. Pro surfer Kelly Slater…

Learning Curve

Close encounters of the bear-human kind are skyrocketing, though actual attacks remain few and far between. Hopefully, new outreach education efforts will keep things that way.