R&D at outdoor companies is being revolutionized by 3-D printing. The result: Better gear that gets to you faster.

What do rock-climbing heart transplant patients, Somali pirate hunters, and arctic cowboys have in common? All could be found on the big screen at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Of this year’s 217 films, these seven outdoor-focused picks were a cut above.

After freeskier Shane McConkey died in a ski-BASE accident four years ago, a group of his friends created McConkey, a documentary of his adventures that is as thrilling as it is heartfelt. We spoke with two of the directors about the film.

Robert Stone, the Academy Award-nominated director behind Radio Bikini, has done a complete 180, embracing nuclear power in Pandora's Promise, his latest documentary. What caused him to come around?

In his latest documentary, Albert Maysles profiles 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer, who won the Young Naturalist Award from the American Museum of Natural History for applying the Fibonacci number sequence to the design of solar panels

Sebastian Junger pays tribute to the late war photographer in Which Way Is the Front Line From Here?, a new documentary that will air on HBO in mid-April

We spoke to director Nick Ryan about his new film The Summit, which revisits a 2008 tragedy on K2, a mountain for mountaineers

Three years after his professional snowboarding career ended with a traumatic brain injury on the half-pipe, Pearce is in Park City, Utah, promoting The Crash Reel, a documentary from Lucy Walker that follows his recovery process

A conversation with director Eva Weber, who traveled all the way to Karigasniemi, Finland, for three days to film this three-minute short

The most promising films screened at this year's Toronto Film Festival featured adventure seekers and adventure survivors. We reviewed six of them.

In The Deep, a chubby man survives a shipwreck off the coast of Iceland, only to wash ashore to a field of jagged, volcanic rock

In Kon-Tiki, directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg present a fictional look at Thor Heyerdahl's attempt to sail from Peru to Polynesia

In Venus & Serena, filmmakers Maiken Baird and Michelle Major provide a glimpse into the lives of tennis' most dominant siblings

The role that these tiny insects play in our global ecosystem has never been made more clear than by Swiss director Markus Imhoof in More Than Honey, an extreme close-up documentary

In 9.79*, documentary filmmaker Daniel Gordon examines the 1988 Summer Olympics race that would set the stage for doping scandals to come

The world of surfing meets the age of 3-D cinema in Justin McMillian and Chris Nelius' new film

Stacey Peralta's latest documentary—and three other new films—prove that blockbuster season can be smart

In Broke, which screened as a work-in-progress at the Tribeca Film Festival, director Billy Corben explores the whys and hows of an all-too-familiar coda to a pro athlete's career

Actor Chris Pratt recruited Fredric Golding to follow Washington state's Lake Stevens High wrestling team for five months and document their grueling training. This is what he saw.

Knuckleball!, which premiered last Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival, traces the careers of pitchers R.A. Dickey and Tim Wakefield as they navigate the ups and downs of their marginalized society

A new documentary short playing at the Tribeca Film Festival tells the story of Leonid and his pregnant wife, Lyudmila, a couple that lived just miles from the nuclear power plant when it went into meltdown

A review of Benji, a documentary premiering this week at the Tribeca Film Festival that revisits the murder of a 1980s high school basketball phenom

For the past five decades, 68-year-old Baltazar Ushca has made a living by harvesting glacial ice from the tallest mountain in Ecuador. His work is no longer needed, but he still gets up every morning to climb to 16,000 feet.

In Bekoji, Ethiopia, running is more than just recreation. It's a kind of work, a way of earning money and of contributing to your family.

In Paraiso Nadav Kurtz follows three Mexican immigrants as they make a living washing the windows of Chicago's tallest skyscrapers

Scouring the country’s premier film festival for the best environmental and adventure documentaries