Here are some tips to prevent your pup from suffering common trail-caused health conditions

What happens if your pup gets hurt on the trail?

Dogs can't tell you if they're hurt, so it's up to you find out if they are

Here's what you need to properly care for your injured pup

Towing a trailer will allow you to transform your vehicle into one that can haul thousands of pounds of outdoor equipment

Wes Siler shows you how to address a flesh wound

Wes Siler has some basic tips anyone can use to forecast the weather using clouds

Here, Wes Siler shows you how to buy snowshoes and how to use them. Watch this, and enjoy snowshoeing this winter. 

What to do if you've gotten yourself so stuck that you can't dig out with a shovel and traction aids

Harvesting your own Christmas tree is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and a great tradition

What kind of car do you need if you're Wes Siler's fiancée? The answer is obvious: a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser.

A steak so good it will blow your mind how easy it is to make if you have a good grill. Wes Siler walks us through his secret method.

It all starts with having the right tools stashed in your vehicle

Wes Siler explains the basic skills you need to drive safely

Melting snow for drinking water isn't as easy as it sounds

When it comes to navigation, nothing beats the reliability of an old-school paper map and a compass

The easiest way to get found is to tell somebody responsible where you're going and when you'll be back.

Making your own custom map will change how you adventure.

A sharp knife is a safe knife and a useful knife. But as you use your blade, it will grow dull

Never taken your pup out overnight? Wes Siler has some tips and tricks that will make the experience a little easier.

Dogs belong off-leash outdoors. But if you're going to take your dog off-leash, you need to be responsible.

Want to go into the woods without disturbing wildlife? The first step is to learn how to move silently.

It's not intimidating with just a tiny bit of poop prep.

Want to see some animals next time you're outdoors? Here's how to adapt knowledge from hunters to general wildlife viewing.

Wes meets up with an expert from Sitka to discuss getting dry in the outdoors

Wes Siler takes a look at the new-for-2019 Ford Ranger

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