In a year when record numbers of Americans were changing jobs, these companies attracted top talent with benefits like paid sabbaticals, all-inclusive ski trips, and free health care

The odds of dying on Everest are about one in 100. A new pulse oximeter claims it can drastically reduce that risk.

There are important decisions to make before and after your recyclables leave your hands

Powder days and gear bonuses are great, but welcoming environments that prioritize the work-life balance are what really make these companies exceptional

What does it take to land on our annual list of the country's best employers? Perks like on-tap kombucha, free gym memberships, and company-sponsored ski trips certainly help. But it's a commitment to fun and supportive work environments that really makes these companies stand apart.

The otherworldly landscapes from the HBO show are all worth a trip

When disaster strikes, this gear will help you make it through

HBO's sci-fi western takes place in some of TV's most epic filming locations, from California's Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes of Utah

Traveling on a vegan diet can seem daunting. These adventurers show you how to do it with ease.

Essentials to help drivers see, hear, and avoid you on the road

The new duffle from Tepui stood up to several rounds of abuse, with nary a scratch to show for it

“Put on the damn skis, and go like hell.”

Innovations to help drivers see, hear, and avoid you on the road

A lid that incorporates turn signals and brake lights into its shell

Crowdsourced innovations promise to replace the old bike lock for good

100 companies that believe the secret to success is empowering employees to live bigger, better lives.

Most of us shower daily to stay clean. But from a scientific standpoint, our modern hygiene habits are overrated.

The most dangerous threat you'll face while working out this summer? The heat. Here's how to beat it.

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