The evidence is everywhere that humanity is actually pretty decent, according to Dutch historian Rutger Bregman. Pay attention to it and you’ll feel much better.

A new global racing series aims to make the electric car cool.

Trapping of bobcats, coyotes, and other fur-bearing animals is on the rise—with man’s best friend the collateral damage.

The 2014 season has ended in Nepal, and some mountaineers are turning toward Tibet, where ascents continue. Can they overcome Chinese complexities and turn the north side into the new Everest norm?

There's a rod here for everyone, from the expert angler to the one just getting his toes wet.

A daredevil's plan to jump off the top of the world

The best pet-monitoring device on the market—and one that could save your pooch’s life.

When the perfect drink coincides with the perfect location, you get better than buzzed.

Jamaican jerk chicken fuels America's Olympic dreams

Sledding grows up—almost

Devin Graham is creating a Youtube empire

6 steps to elevate your game

Flying a kite may be child’s play. But done right it can be serious, no-holds-barred child’s play.

How to get a more precise forecast for your own backyard

Behold the Cricket, summer’s best new road-trip partner.

With a sleek and lightweight design, plus superb clarity, these binoculars are great for wildlife enthusiasts

In March, a Utah man died while attempting to replicate a rope swing made famous by YouTube. Will the tragedy curb the latest adventure trend?

The recent death of a Tough Mudder participant is giving obstacle-racing fans pause: Are organizers pushing competitors too far with their trademark challenges?

How a secretive, stunt-loving energy-drink company pulled off one of the coolest feats in adventure history

Do athletes have a higher pain tolerance?

The ProteinPlus's blend of different proteins is more effective then whey protein alone.

The only thing ski season is harder on than your knees is your face.

Make the most of that noblest of winter weekend sports

It’s all about fit. Too loose and your head is a yolk inside an eggshell. Too tight and you’ll get migraines from all the pressure points. Most of today’s helmets have features that allow you to maximize fit.

The first question to ask yourself is: Down or synthetic? Synthetic insulation is water-resistant, dries quickly, and is usually not as marshmallowy as its natural counterpart, which makes for better layering.

We asked three hard-charging Outside readers how they manage to stay supremely fit while balancing work and family. The secrets to their success are easier than you think.

The gear you need—and the perfect Scotch—for fall fly-fishing season.

A protein-rich, paleo-inspired meal adapted for the modern athlete

The U.S. Olympic Training Center serves 1,200 meals to 350 athletes each day. The most popular dish? A nutrient-dense Thai chicken soup.

All you need to know about going wild with man's best friend, including training tips, canine gear, and wilderness etiquette

The world record holder dishes on his diamond grills and his plans for London

Priceless advice from world-champion decathlete Trey Hardee, who has distilled a decade of training and nutrition wisdom into one customizable gold-medal fitness formula.

The champion decathlete shares his favorite recovery meal

The performance gap between mid-tier and high-end optics is closing. Here are our favorite pairs of binocs to see you through any situation, including the Leupold Hawthorne 7x42, with its roof-prism design to cut size and weight, and the Bushnell Legend Ultra-HD, which are impressively bright and sharp—especially in low light.

A new study says that Ibuprofen can help prevent mountain climbers from getting altitude sickness

The surprising psychological benefits of working out

Outside reviews the best barbecuing gear of June 2012, including the Primo Oval Junior.

Chia seeds pack a surprising amount of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein

Ignore what you've been told: Summer is the time to try something new

A full-flavored plant-only feast for ultra-distance athletes

The nation's four best wilderness first aid courses

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