Quality gear to make you feel like a million bucks no matter how hard you’re pushing it

Famously cold and frighteningly massive, Lake Superior contains 10 percent of the world's surface freshwater, holds the remains of 6,000 shipwrecks, and offers a lifetime of adventure. Stephanie Pearson sets out to circumnavigate America's most overlooked playground.

The perfect assortment for all manner of out-and-backs

From 1926 to 2016, the expeditions—and the women behind them–that have rocked our world

As Arctic sea ice melts, business for Alaskan passenger ships is booming. Can the fragile region handle the traffic?

Lose the backpacking hordes with these wild new ideas, from surfing in Sri Lanka to a culinary tour of Myanmar

Don't let the snow stop you. (CurrexSole) CurrexSole RunPro Insoles If you’re training year-round, you’ve got to take extra care of your feet. RunPro insoles are built from an EVA composite that’s cushy yet responsive, and they come in high, medium, or low arch.  Price $50 Buy Now (Flylow)…

When you’re off the mountain, comfort wins

Adventurers Dave and Amy Freeman today emerged from 12 months living in the Boundary Waters wilderness in northern Minnesota. One of their top challenges? Filing their taxes on time.

First Nations mountain bikers are discovering that good flow and cash flow are one and the same when you’ve got some of the world’s gnarliest trails

You're going to fill every free day—from Memorial Day through Labor Day—with wild races, delicious food and drink, good music, and an abalone or two

Everything you need for quick jaunts or all-day trips.

By European standards, Ireland’s County Donegal, tucked into the country’s far northwest corner, may as well be Mars. But for adventure travelers, it’s a hidden frontier packed with wind-bitten landscapes to mountain-bike, rowdy coastline to surf, and 500-foot sea stacks to climb. That is, if you’re brave enough.

Jamtara Wilderness Camp brings the safari to India

Kristine and Doug Tompkins lived a life of adventure and risk uncommon to most couples. They also helped to protect millions of acres of land in Chile and Argentina. Following her husband's death, Kristine now faces the daunting challenge of creating six new national parks without him.

The North Face co-founder left an indelible mark on outdoors recreation and environmentalism here and abroad

North Face co-founder Doug Tompkins has an ambitious goal: to donate 12 national parks in Chile and Argentina

All the outdoor access in the world doesn't mean much if your job keeps you chained to a desk with no time to enjoy it. So to find the best places to work in the U.S. in 2015 and 2016, we started by creating five company categories that reflect Outside's values and focus: Gear, Adventure & Travel,…

Stay warm, dry, and comfortable, no matter the conditions.

In 'Think South,' Cathy de Moll explains how a team of explorers pulled off one of the 20th century’s most challenging expeditions

Jumping rope is for serious athletes, and a weighted, travel-friendly set is for serious rope jumpers

Famed marine expert and non-fiction author Susan Casey takes us on a deep dive into humanity’s complex connection to dolphins.

A travel-friendly board that’s (gasp!) not an inflatable

From high performance to street style.

Before you bemoan the melting mountain snow, know that many ski resorts are just as good in the heat as they are in the cold

Even more of the most adventurous landscapes, lodges, and outfitters on earth

Don't plan any vacations before reading this year's Best of Travel winners.

These adventure geniuses will make your next trip the one you never, ever forget.

Paddling through Minnesota’s springtime ice break-up is nuts. What is Will Steger thinking?

Thirty years after it was officially decommissioned comes Bicycle Route 66—the first all encompassing cycling map of the iconic byway. So finally, you can ditch the car and explore the most historic road in the U.S. on two wheels.

The Ebola virus has devastated a tiny corner of West Africa, but the entire continent is feeling the fallout

The sport has long been the cardio cousin to carving lines alpine style. But, people are finally beginning to realize that it’s actually a lot of fun! Especially if you hit up one of the trails listed here.

If you've never been to India, go with a company that knows the ropes, even in a well-traveled state like Kerala. Here's how to do it right.

That's what they call the southern Indian state of Kerala, a laid-back tropical paradise where you can paddle hidden backwaters, trek the rugged Western Ghats, look for tigers, indulge in Ayurvedic treatments, and chill out on unspoiled beaches. Just leave your manic Western self behind.

Unleash your inner Norse god while driving one of these scenic winter routes.

Come for the solitude on the island's unpeopled parts and check out the dedicated ex-pat community if you decide you never want to leave.

From nearby to far-flung and exotic, we've got seven islands to cure your winter wanderlust. Turns out one of the most spectacular is right around the corner.

The finalists in our Best Town Ever competition have a lot in common: Thriving food scenes, walkable neighborhoods, and, of course, incredible access to trails, rivers, mountains, and lakes. But no place brings it all together like our winner.

The key to seeing the best of Iceland? Posting up in the middle of the action.

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