Portland earns Guinness World Record

Kids aren't just naturally active

After Maurice the giraffe, Copenhagen zoo kills lions

Ryan Lochte says he "always" pees in the pool, and Michael Phelps thinks "Chlorine kills it so it's not bad." So it's totally safe to let go underwater, right?

Idaho raven cull will help grouse

First incident in more than 5 years

Only 10 such trees exist in the world

Stateside, the trend has yet to catch on

Wins L.A. Marathon, finishes ahead of the men

Auction for the "Big Adventure" bike ends today

Minnesota farmer constructs 50-foot snowman

White House demonstration draws fire

Speaker and author Peter Shankman was pulled over on his morning jog in Central Park. Should he really have been ticketed?

You’ll have no trouble keeping up (online) with these highfliers

Seven products in your shed that are going extinct.

Stubble-impaired men pay thousands for transplants

Controversy amid her DQ at indoor track championships

More than 17 million expected to ship in 2014

Fifth consecutive year in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Movie tells Louis Zamperini's incredible survival story

Wrecking-ball chunk causes massive repair bill

Country writes provisions into constitution

Favorite finishes fourth in halfpipe, no medal

Olympic Charter considers tribute propaganda

Possibly the first four-legged prisoner of war

Thousands of Chobani containers sit in New Jersey

Triple the amount of "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Sochi slopestyle course claims another victim

Says he spent 13 months adrift, drank turtle blood

Opponents fear plan will damage fragile ecosystem

Momentum builds for 2024 Summer Olympics

Students are the youngest to complete voyage

Stitches up bite wounds and grabs a beer

Including a human skull and 17 swords

Easy measurement has 97 percent accuracy

35-year-old runs 77.07 miles in 12 Hours

Study measures bad air blowing across Pacific

Working out in nature is more restorative than exercising in a busy city.

After it was dug up in Bill Bowerman's backyard

Allegedly killed mentor with claw hammer

Fishing boat nets a 26-foot giant.

Paleolithic ancestors ate tiger nuts.

Bigfoot reality show premieres tonight

More than 350,000 die annually.

Siberian runs in 36-below temps.

Weather is the coldest in 20 years.

Bird terrorizes man around FedEx truck

Company allegedly attempting to skew public opinion

Hundreds take an icy swim in Dorchester Bay

Mammals hooked on puffer's toxin

Putin promises 'safe and secure' Games

Milwaukee begins repurposing cheese brine

Saint Nick's carbon emissions match Qatar

Kim Allen, 47 years old, covers 310 miles

Only Ted Ligety makes podium this weekend.

Marathons popular despite poor air quality

'Wayniac' water skis 2,000 feet on palms

Snowflake, a limited-batch whiskey from a Colorado distillery, is so coveted that hundreds of people wait for hours in sub-zero weather just to get a bottle.

Rule absolves wind energy from legal prosecution

Mauled to death by highly endangered species

At the Olympic Training Center, these ingenious Russian-themed recipes have been turned into gold-medal performance grub.

Ligety and Miller out after first run.

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