On this stunning trip in northern Patagonia, you’ll explore towering peaks, a new ten-million-acre national park, and pristine rivers and lakes. And did we mention the delicious barbecue?

From expanded resort acreage to turbocharged lifts, we tracked down all the ways you can make this winter your best ever

When President Biden needs a break from Putin and Mitch McConnell, he vacations on the Delmarva Peninsula, a blend of mid-Atlantic beauty, quirky accents, and tasty treasures from soil and sea. I grew up in the heart of it. Hear my song to this glorious land.

Blessed with rich soil, abundant rain, and a long growing season, the Delmarva peninsula—a tri-state area sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay—was known as the breadbasket of the American Revolution. Later it rapidly grew into one of the wealthiest agricultural areas in the country, as farmers and watermen…

The legendary skier's latest project since retiring is an Amazon series called 'The Pack.' It's the perfect lighthearted binge to get you through the pandemic holidays.

Carbon offsets are confusing, and many people wonder how—or if—they even work. Hoping to find a more guilt-free way to travel, frequent flier Tim Neville heads to the ranchlands of Montana to see what an offset looks like on the ground. Hint: it involves cows.

After a two-decade hiatus, the 'world's toughest race' returns at just the right moment—this time with Bear Grylls

While there are far more serious problems facing the world, for some people whether or not to travel in the weeks and months ahead has become a confusing and heated topic. Here's what a longtime travel writer thinks.

I traveled through three climates in three weeks and didn't check a bag. Here's how I packed.

The explorer’s crossing of Antarctica put him in the spotlight. His skill in presenting himself to audiences hungry for vulnerable heroes will keep him there.

It’s time to get reacquainted with the PNW—home to massive mountains, lush rainforests, empty islands, and the greatest oysters you’ll ever taste

The climber's posthumously published autobiography gives an intimate look at a mountain legend and takes on new meaning after his death

Just because some people think these destinations are miserable doesn't mean they actually are.

The Texas company introduces four new products this spring. These are our first impressions after a long weekend with them.

Behold the astonishing explosion of alpine sports in the People’s Republic—as directed, promoted, and financed by the Communist Party in the run–up to the 2022 Beijing Olympics

For long-distance trail runners looking to play like antelope, it is heaven with a hydration vest

First it was the liberals and the talk show hosts, with their "yallqueda" jokes and USPS packages stuffed with dildos. Then the birders made their threats. Now, the grannies are here to tell the Bundys and their brethren to get out.

Even more of the most adventurous landscapes, lodges, and outfitters on earth

Don't plan any vacations before reading this year's Best of Travel winners.

The movie version of Cheryl Strayed's hit book features Reese Witherspoon like you've rarely seen her—tangled hair, ratty clothes, and dirt under her fingernails. But the backpacking film has a secret: it's actually a brutal story about loss and love.

Europe has a secret. It's called Albania—a Maryland-size playground of rugged peaks, emerald seas, and ripping rivers. The only catch? It's really poor, graft is rampant, and there's little environmental regulation. Pack your bribe money for a warts-and-all jaunt through the wildest post-Communist state on earth.

Winner: Awasi Patagonia Lodge, Chile. Runner-Up: Mallard Mountain Lodge, British Columbia.

Winner: Namibia. Runner Up: Oregon Desert Trail

Winner: Secrets of the Archipelago, Indonesia.

Winner: South Water Caye, Belize. Runner Up: Tikehau Atoll, Tahiti

Winner: Via Dinarica, the Balkans. Runner-Up: The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.

Winner: Shivling, India. Runner Up: Buena Vista, Colorado.

Winner: Alaska Airlines. Runner-Up: Copa Airlines.

Winner: Bend, Oregon. Runner-Up: Bahía Concepcíon, Mexico.

Winner: Scotland. Runner-Up: Blue Ridge Mountains.

Winner: Chilko and Chilcotin Rivers, British Columbia. Runner-Up: Ord River, Australia.

Winner: Flanders and Wallonia, Belgium. Runner-Up: Southern Louisiana.

Winner: Cuenca, Ecuador. Runner-Up: Pahoa, Hawaii.

Winner: Grand St. Bernard Pass, Switzerland. Runner-Up: Yellowstone and Bozeman, Montana.

Winner: Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland. Runner-Up: Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway.

Winner: Dolomites, Italy. Runner-Up: Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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