Europe has a secret. It's called Albania—a Maryland-size playground of rugged peaks, emerald seas, and ripping rivers. The only catch? It's really poor, graft is rampant, and there's little environmental regulation. Pack your bribe money for a warts-and-all jaunt through the wildest post-Communist state on earth.

Winner: Namibia. Runner Up: Oregon Desert Trail

Winner: Secrets of the Archipelago, Indonesia.

Winner: South Water Caye, Belize. Runner Up: Tikehau Atoll, Tahiti

Winner: Via Dinarica, the Balkans. Runner-Up: The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.

Winner: Shivling, India. Runner Up: Buena Vista, Colorado.

Winner: Alaska Airlines. Runner-Up: Copa Airlines.

Winner: Bend, Oregon. Runner-Up: Bahía Concepcíon, Mexico.

Winner: Scotland. Runner-Up: Blue Ridge Mountains.

Winner: Chilko and Chilcotin Rivers, British Columbia. Runner-Up: Ord River, Australia.

Winner: Flanders and Wallonia, Belgium. Runner-Up: Southern Louisiana.

Winner: Cuenca, Ecuador. Runner-Up: Pahoa, Hawaii.

Winner: Grand St. Bernard Pass, Switzerland. Runner-Up: Yellowstone and Bozeman, Montana.

Winner: Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland. Runner-Up: Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway.

Winner: Dolomites, Italy. Runner-Up: Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Winner: Awasi Patagonia Lodge, Chile. Runner-Up: Mallard Mountain Lodge, British Columbia.

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“I went out and this whole crowd was there, maybe 100 people. When I saw they had their faces covered, I knew this was going to be really bad.”

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