I want to start flintknapping. Where are the best places to learn?

1. Not bringing enough water.2. Not bringing electrolyte replacements.3. Not bringing enough water. 4. Hiking during the middle of the day in the summer.5. Thinking that because they are in great shape, they’re acclimated to the heat. Let’s look at some of these: Not bringing…

I’ve encountered a lot of weather folklore over the years from books and other guides. A few methods are reliable, and others may work depending on what part of the U.S. or world you’re in. Below, I’ve listed some of the signs that I rely on to evaluate weather conditions…

What can I do to stay warm if I have to spend a night in the cold without a sleeping bag?

I have two approaches to cold-weather foods. When I head out on a day hike in the snow-capped mountains, I always bring some Scottish shortbread (check the cookie aisle in the grocery store) and a thermos filled with about 4 cups of hot cocoa and a stick of butter. I’m…

Should I use hardwood or softwood for a bow-drill? I've heard different things.

What's the most dangerous animal in the lower 48? How do I protect myself from it?

How can I make a bow and arrows for hunting with materials from the wilderness?

What are your thoughts on using cellphones to call for rescue in the wilderness? Would I be better with a satellite phone instead?

How do you make a plant-fiber rope in the wild? What kinds of plants should you use?

What's the most important wilderness first-aid skill to learn?

What kinds of edible insects are the easiest to catch and most nutritious?

If I'm alone and my truck is stuck on a muddy road, what's the best way to get out?

How should I deal with wet/smelly/rotting feet in the wild?

I have heard that a skilled tracker can tell what a person ate, any injuries, and myriad other personal details about their life just from looking at their footprints. Is this true?

What are your thoughts on carrying a trash bag or space blanket in your pocket for making a shelter or dealing with hypothermia?

Which current survival TV host has the most wilderness cred? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

What should I carry in my car in case I break down in the backcountry or have to survive on the road during a blizzard? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

If I don't have a compass, how can I tell direction? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

What survival priorities should you have in the city versus the wilderness during a major crisis? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

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