By focusing on breathability, Polartec Alpha works when you’re moving, too

Critical habitat for the species could be destroyed

The EPA announced plans to reduce protections for 50 percent of streams and 110 million acres of wetlands

Simple, reliable, and affordable: the age of practical solar power for your adventuremobile has arrived

Wes Siler on proven dog-recall training techniques

With just a few affordable additions—and an admittedly dangerous method—you can create flawless results using just a humble kettle grill

The science is clear, right? Not so fast, according to, well, science.

Fjallraven made some smart upgrades to the new Kebs. I'm pleasantly surprised to report that the result is better durability and freedom of movement.

Regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act put many, many species at risk—but particularly the cute and cuddly ones

Ford Rangers, Toyota Tacomas, and the like all make great adventuremobiles—with a little help

The changes are threefold. It will now be harder to add species to the list, protections for threatened animals will be revoked, and economic concerns must be formally evaluated during the listing process.

A few simple steps to follow to keep your pets from getting infected with Lyme disease

The Trump administration is trying to remove public input from Forest Service decision-making

The blazes are releasing so much carbon that they could create a feedback loop

The jet was flying through the famous Star Wars Canyon when it went down. The NPS says some visitors may have been injured.

All signs point to a massive selloff of federally managed public lands, as BLM officials defy congressional oversight

Yellowstone’s latest incident is as preventable as it is predictable

Everything you need to know to sleep comfortably when it's cold out

Congressional candidate Matt Rosendale earns money from Texan billionaires while voting for their interests

From earthquakes to fires and floods, here are savings on the supplies you need to survive

Need to carry a bike, board, or just some firewood? Here's how.

Any car can be an adventuremobile. Here's how.

Spending just $25 and 15 minutes nets you something stronger and more comfortable than anything you could ever buy

Real-world experience in the hands of an expert who drives the Ranger off-road every single day

New two-person sleep systems are lighter, plusher, and more affordable

What you do with it is so much more important than whatever car you buy

The Department of the Interior's proposed regulations contradict the interior secretary's grandiose claims

And why that’s the best news possible for Land Rover lovers

This whole fake-service-dog thing is going to ruin flying for everyone

A moderately unhinged but entirely reasonable rant about how we define the value of outdoor gear

Leaving the highway behind? Here's how to stay safe when driving gets adventurous. 

The bipartisan Simplifying Outdoor Access for Recreation Act promises a better permitting process

The ins and outs of overnighting in the actual wilderness

OnX Offroad opens up 985 million acres of public land with off-grid navigation

How to take full advantage of your 640 million acres

French authorities brought the man to safety after he made a 528-foot free ascent

No vehicle is more maligned, yet no vehicle is more useful

A new report officially points the blame for the Paradise fire at the utility's electrical transmission lines

A blind runner finished a half marathon for the first time using only guidance from a dog thanks in large part to the Ruffwear Unifly—the biggest development in guide-dog harnesses since they were invented nine decades ago

Beyond Clothing is turning protective combat uniforms into stylish outdoor gear

And no place has ever been ruined by an Instagram post, either. It's time to stop blaming social media for the world's troubles.

A bill introduced to Congress on May 1 could make outdoor recreation an official treatment option for veterans suffering from mental-health disorders. It's a huge opportunity for vets—and our public lands.

The new tool in the company's Free collection can genuinely be used one-handed, and it's more compact than ever

Plus, the three-row family crossover has got legit four-wheel drive. Competitors should take note.

And other advice for the first-time dog owner

An official investigation into ethics violations by Trump's new Secretary of the Interior was opened just four days after his confirmation

And the Maven B3's are the highest-quality optics you can easily carry

The all-new car is safer, more economical, and, thanks to its turbo, faster

The Democratic candidate released her comprehensive plan for saving our national parks and public lands. It's impressive, even if it never comes to fruition.

What's really behind all the recent cougar conflicts

The Acting Interior Secretary's confirmation hearing was already absurd. Then the Greenpeace protestors showed up.

The recent pro-conservation rulemaking at Interior is intended to smooth the way for acting secretary Bernhardt’s nomination hearing today

Believe it or not, the brand and badges are irrelevant

The products and approaches that make #packlife possible

A close reading of the President’s 2020 Department of the Interior budget reveals massive funding cuts for everything public-lands related—except for oil and gas

The crucial public lands legislation was just signed by President Trump. Here's why you should care.

The total package is just much more convincing than the Tacoma or Colorado, and probably more practical than the Jeep Gladiator

When a 4x4 influencer vandalized the state's magnificent desert landscape, it was really just the start of the problem

The Trump Administration plans to delist the gray wolf across the Lower 48. Here’s why that's happening and what it means for the future of the species.

The public comment period that will impact a redefinition of what's protected under the Clean Water Act is open through April 15

The definitive guide, built upon real-world experience

The Christensen Arms Ridgeline is high-tech, lightweight, and, paired with a Maven RS.1 scope, reasonably affordable

Watch Travis Kauffman describe the incident in his own words

The lengths to which the Utah Congressman will go to avoid addressing the real issues are getting laughably extraordinary

The former oil and gas lobbyist is the worst-case scenario for public lands

The Gunner G1 is the most useful dog kennel ever made

We were skeptical—until we learned the gruesome details from the scene of the attack

Probably the most embarrassing article I’ll write this year is also, for your crotch, the most important

Stuart Palley captures images of wildfires at night, making some of the riskiest art around

The LiveWire is a giant leap for Harley, if only a small step for the motorcycle industry as a whole

Park rangers, wildland firefighters, and an EPA lawyer have all told me that they're worried they'll lose their jobs if they talk publicly about the shutdown

The most comfortable nighttime experience possible for vehicle-based adventures

It's anything but an unpaid vacation, especially when your job is protecting the environment

The shutdown is hampering fire prevention efforts in the state, even while the President looks to disaster-relief funds for his wall

Eight hundred of the 2,300 Bureau of Land Management staff who remain on duty during the shutdown are dedicated to serving the oil and gas industries

Parks are being destroyed, people are dying, and no one's in charge

A man fell from Yosemite's Nevada Fall on Christmas Day

Is the massive rack-maker's investment in rooftop tents a good thing?

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