Over 99 percent of the people who commented on Trump's national monuments review supported the protected areas. Why did Zinke discount the public's voice?

Looking for a practical, versatile car that's luxurious and well-designed? Take the all-new 2018 Volvo XC60 for a test drive.

Loving your pet too much is putting people with real disabilities at risk

Just please don't call them hacks

And what I learned from an island camping trip with a bunch of disadvantaged youth

The GOP's war on public lands threatens to alienate a key part of its voting base—sport hunters

The ultimate rules-free weekend date

Seven tips to enjoy the weekend safely and comfortably

Turning a puppy into an adventure companion is hard. This stuff will help.

American cowboy or posturing Trump enforcer?

Can hemp work harder than cotton?

Quietly, is the short answer. Or as loud as you want, if you're way out in the middle of nowhere.

No compromises were made designing the Salt + Aether Explorers

Or, the greatest oversimplified explanation of how to navigate ever written

Having an off-leash companion in the outdoors is the whole point of having a dog

Pitching a tent, healing a wound, and finding your way are about the most important things you can learn how to do. They're also the easiest.

A Scout is not Donald Trump, basically

The Renovo Fat-Ash is as fast as it is beautiful

Let's make "I'm from America" great again

You have through today to tell the government what you think of its plan to steal your public land

Imagine all the fun of an outdoor blade in a package you can use more often. Put one to use in your kitchen, and it might make cooking dinner feel a little more exciting.

Bear spray, plus a few other simple precautions, should keep you perfectly safe

Meet the 16-year-old working to end discrimination in the nation's largest youth outdoors program

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If you want to make an adventure buddy, the first few weeks are critical

You might be a disappointment, but the stuff you give your dad doesn’t have to be

Chasing sales, multitool companies are getting away from genuine utility. And that needs to stop.

The BSA's latest policies are a step toward including other genders. Inclusiveness can't come soon enough.

Nemo’s 1.75-pound Hornet Elite 2P is shockingly livable for an ultralight shelter

Most of us really only need one internal-frame pack. Here's why it should be the Osprey Aether AG and not one of its super high-end, tech'ed out competitors.

If you exchange money for a dog, you’re doing it wrong

The outdoor brand unveils the newest iteration of its car-camping products. We came away convinced it's all most of us will ever need.

Using a phone outdoors? This is what you need to know to stay in touch.

The men's shoes, clothes, and equipment you need to stay comfortable on the trail

Look normal? That’s because every component has been made giant, including the 36-inch wheels.

The gear that will fix your problems when you’re a longways from nowhere

The long-term impact of the president's first 100 days could destroy an industry with more jobs than oil and gas and automotive combined. Yep, you guessed it: outdoor rec.

If you've never picked up a gun before but are interested in harvesting your own healthy, sustainable, humane meat, here's why you should get started with birds

One man’s quest to avoid bad coffee and dirty bathrooms

The door handles are water bottles and the arm rest is a sleeping bag

Finally, ultralight couple’s gear is not just good—it’s better than the one-person alternatives

Having a good time outdoors has gotten a lot easier thanks to technical innovations in the party camping space

Survival isn't about copying the stuff you see Bear Grylls do. Here's what should you do if you're caught outside in extreme weather.

The 11 products I rely on for my awesome dog

One active couple's tips for life on the road

Hold your nose: we need to play dirty if we want to protect our public lands

Startup CampCrate will mail you everything you need to go camping

The bags, clothes, tools, and drugs that make regular long-haul flights survivable

First a massive wildfire, then record flooding, and finally the Pacific Coast Highway was knocked out

Andrew Skurka’s updated guide is a masterclass in how to enjoy the outdoors comfortably

Military-style heat-sensing “night vision” monoculars now cost just $600. Should you buy one?

The perfect car for outdoor lovers just got even better

When Ford sent a new Raptor to test, it obviously made sense for me and the 61-year-old adventurer to take it into the desert for two days of high-speed power slides, campfire-cooked steaks, and tequila.

Stuff that's only good for frustrating you and causing fungal infections. Probably both.

High-tech hunting brand Kuiu wants to make a mountaineering boot you can wear for day hiking

The stuff you need to have in your 4x4 at all times

Want to save money? You won't do it by buying a cheap car.

Federal lands belong to all of us—it's time to unite to fight crooked politicians

The next big trend in trucks can still be had for cheap

And how you can prepare for the apocalypse better than a billionaire

And they're not the only species that should be afraid

Experience in extreme wind chill can teach all of us outdoor recreationists about proper layering—without breaking the bank

Trump's pick for Secretary of the Interior gets grilled in the confirmation hearing about federal land management, resource extraction, and Smokey the Bear

The latest pictures, videos, and statistics from the epic winter storm, which has brought record flooding and dramatically assuaged the drought

Volkswagen’s desperate. Van buyers shouldn’t be.

Snow, ice, and slush—oh my! Presenting five basic tips on how to navigate inclement weather this season.

The legendary adventurer breaks down blade skills

Why winter-specific rubber is the most important thing you can buy to make driving in inclement weather safer

The stuff that keeps this adventure writer dry, safe, and dangerous

New uses for your old camping stuff

Former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke opposes the Republican land heist. He may be the best environmental hope we have in this administration.

The pioneering astronaut was the first American to orbit earth. He died Thursday.

Our Latin American neighbor remains the last bastion of total freedom outdoors

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