Lessons I learned from organizing a homeless-youth outdoors program and how you can apply them to improving your own corner of the world

Don't get me wrong: it's a fantastic truck. But if you really want to get it dirty, cutaway bumpers and complicated suspension won't make up for the lack of aftermarket support.

Subaru’s new Viziv-7 concept previews a seven-seat crossover

Foursevens’ new Mini MkII is smaller than a chapstick, yet pumps out over 1,000 lumens. And it only costs $40.

From picking the right vehicle to carrying the right stuff to planning the right itinerary

Next year will bring massive delays to passport issuing and renewal

What's the best knife for you? The answer is simpler than you might think.

Your intrepid lifestyle gives you an advantage on Tinder. Now don’t blow it.

How to find the best tool for your pocket and wallet

Six months, two trips to Thailand, and flirtations with madness have produced possibly the most forgettable fork ever

This guy got arrested for sending it off tall buildings into deep water. Here's what he gets really, really wrong with his jumps.

We went cliff diving and rock climbing with the stunt-person, athlete, and daredevil

The Wyoming state government recently released a study weighing the pros and cons of transferring federal lands to the state. The results were unequivocal: it's a terrible idea.

Old-school toughness takes on modern performance in the Australian Outback

Stay warm, stay dry, save money

Outdoor tradition or dangerous, polluting, wasteful relic of the past?

Power sources small enough for you to carry that run on solar, fire, or water are heavy and don't produce enough electricity to warrant schlepping into the backcountry

This concept bike predicts motorcycle technology in 2116

Last week's viral video illustrated how dangerous bears can be—and taught us a few lessons on how to survive such an attack

Deaths, injuries, and helicopter rescues are a regular occurrence on Longs Peak, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to climb it

Want a dog for the trail, mountain, water, or city? Forget going to a breeder. The best companion for you is also the cheapest and most ethical.

Portland, Oregon-based CiloGear promises to sell you the most bomber, versatile alpine packs on the market

For its fifth generation, Land Rover returns off-road capability to the Discovery

Living in a one-man tent that weighs over 23 pounds

Life in the slow lane, with a first-generation Land Rover Discovery

In some states, individuals who start forest fires, even accidentally, are facing multimillion-dollar fines

Police searching for people who destroyed Cape Kiwanda’s famous Duckbill

New-for-2017 tents expands mountain livability

Everything a beginner needs to know to become a competent marksman

The tech company is launching apps, virtual tours, and online exhibits designed to virtually immerse you in our natural heritage

How to keep getting outdoor equipment for free

A rare FJ45LV, immaculately returned to its original condition

Combat Flip Flips is ready to Floperate

Pagosa Springs-based Voormi takes cool and dry to the next level

Into the wild with Hollywood's homeless kids

The Republican Party's justification for selling off public lands holds no water. Just ask President Reagan.

With a top speed of 187 miles per hour, the Bentayga is the fastest SUV ever

Got a squirter? The Parabelt can stop it.

You can finally climb the oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles

What are Cleveland’s riot police doing in mountain bike gear?

In Washington’s Enchantment Basin, you can have an epic poo with a view

Nemo, the New Hampshire-based camping brand, builds a lustworthy 4x4

Mulliner, Bentley's in-house customization shop, spent three months turning this Bentayga into the ultimate fly-fishing adventure vehicle

From the NFL to the mountains of Alaska, Jason Hairston is changing how nature sees us

New satellites photograph 700 trillion pixels of your planet

Performance and style in one affordable T-shirt

Bears in backyard pools, bears on TV, and now a bear attack

For close to the price of a TRD Off Road, you can get the best Taco ever

Everything your kid needs for summer camp in one affordable kit

House bill to sell national forests passes committee

It isn’t just PFC-free and made from recycled materials, it’s also one of the best hard shells yet

My journey from an average animal lover, to an active participant in conservation

Saws, water filters, and fishing kits as price tags? Genius.

The primitive bushcraft expert wants to turn your nickels into arrowheads

You can’t bring Harambe back, but you can help keep wild gorillas alive—if you chose to do something positive with your outrage

Add capability, safety, and convenience with these simple, affordable upgrades

If you only camp a few days a year, go with a new, inexpensive option from Walmart. But if you want something lightweight, versatile, and affordable, go used.

If the owners are responsible, the presence of off-leash dogs can actually make the outdoors a better place

Staying safe, clean, and healthy while having the time of your life

How to take your friends camping without killing them, or wanting to

At just 6,288 feet, this would be considered a hill anywhere else

IndefinitelyWild's weekly roundup of news from the outdoors. This week: More on Fort McMurray, the Federal Government's poop fetish, and the real reason Chris McCandless died

With the San Andreas “locked, loaded, and ready to go," now's the time to assemble your quake kit

A firsthand account from northern Alberta’s devastating wildfire

Here's a look back at our favorite stories from Outside's new outdoor lifestyle column

IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of new and interesting developments in the outdoors. This week: Grizzly Bears, lionfish, wolves, And Rhinos. Oh my.

Or one Outside editor’s commitment to stop feeding you nonsense

Told you you were in for some vehicular schadenfreude

IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of new and interesting developments in the outdoors. This week: ultralight tents and New Jersey on fire.

Do you want to see the bears return to the North Cascades?

Rooftop tents weigh way too much, cost way too much, and are a pain to use. We just fixed all of that with our newfangled rooftop-tent-on-the-ground design.

IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of what’s new and interesting in the outdoors. This week: adventure bikes spied and urban spelunking underneath freakin’ Chernobyl.

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