After two years of testing, our writer says the Colorado Teardrops Summit Pinnacle gets the job done and more

From lightweight racers to all-day trekkers to deep-powder plowers, there’s something for everyone

We tested three models at different prices and found a clear favorite

The best leashes and harnesses for logging miles with your pup, tested and reviewed.

Downhill running takes a toll on the body, but you can train your body to better handle the load—and snag that PR.

Keflezighi talks about his career and his new book, which offers 26 takeaways for running 26.2 miles.

Four sturdy stompers for deep days on the trail

Play atop the powder with these new decks.

Over the river and through the woods.  (Fimbulvetr) Fimbulvetr Hikr Best For: Deep Snow Breaking trail in winter is just about the most difficult workout you can do. But that Herculean endeavor is made a bit easier with a platform like the Norwegian Hikr strapped to your foot. The lightweight plastic…

The Women’s Through-Hiking Essentials of 2015

Nathan’s Zeal race vest packs a lot of hydration into one small, efficient must-have.

Due to possible salmonella contamination

Plus, celebrate the 30th anniversary of the marathoner's Olympic win by making her favorite oatmeal cookie recipe

Los Alamos, New Mexico, wins Liveability's "Best Small Town" contest

Once the home of Colorado's governor and now the home of Leadville's mayor, these Victorian suites offer adventure out the front door

Or, why the man with the best facial hair always wins

Judge denies cyclist's request to dismiss lawsuit

Runs 26:44.36 in the 10,000 meters at Prefontaine Classic

After 16,000 miles of wear testing by runners around the country—including Farah—Nike's Air Pegasus 31 debuts this weekend.

According to AVP Pro and Olympian April Ross

“I was the first athlete to intentionally move here to train.”

Feels like Denmark on the Pacific coast

“Portland is a haven for professional distance runners.”

Run with 36,000 strangers, and someone else will probably have on the same outfit—or at least the same shoes.

You might know Nick Symmonds as the 5-time USATF 800-meter champion. Or as the 2013 world champion who dedicated his silver medal to his gay and lesbian friends as a protest against Russian laws. Or as the runner who posted a nude photo on Twitter.

Growing up in Hollywood prepared Torres for the biggest red carpet event of all: the Olympics.

Once a contender, now a commentator, the marathon gold-medalist heads back to America's most iconic race. We caught up to hear his thoughts on last year—and predictions for this year's event.

Plenty of snow in the winter, lots of time on the water in the summer.

The must-have memento from America's most iconic marathon is a boldly colored windbreaker to help you run happy.

"Good vibes, beautiful nature, and lots to explore!"

Half million runners go distance

Sure it's expensive, but Park City boasts friendly residents, easy access to great skiing, and plenty of culture.

Nestled in the Green Mountains, Peru is an incubator for skiing excellence

Ferreira, Hartmark win U.S. titles

Is Under Armour's design to blame?

Seconds after giving an interview about running in the snow, a Portland woman wiped out—on television. Don't repeat her mistakes.

You don’t need a resort to bound through the snow

From fat biking and snowshoe racing to winter trail running, there has never been more opportunity—or more variety—for competing on snow. Here's how to thrive when the mercury drops.

In his 100-mile debut, the Sausalito resident wins the Huntsville, Texas, ultramarathon in an impressive 13:17:42.

Lighter and sleeker than any other racing snowshoe on the market.

Mount Whitney was closed during the government shutdown, but that didn't stop our editor from summiting.

The co-owner of Clif Bar speaks up about the traveling women’s film festival.

Even the pros indulge. Take a plate off of their tables, and learn how to prepare the ultimate fruitarian, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free holiday meals.

17-year-old continues under Salazar

Lego-style paths offer temporary solution for cyclists

We’ve heard it before, but here it is again

Man shoots friend in the back

(And is thrown off a cliff in the process)

No Rooster Sauce? No Problem.

List scores cuisine, financial, and social qualities

Beaches, wetlands, and bays benefit.

Hot Sauce Fumes are Too Strong

Reef shark strikes off northwest coast

Documentary airs at 9 p.m. EST

Ed Whitlock sets another world record

State of emergency declared

Marmosets converse like humans

Wyoming bison knock over barricade

Is climate change to blame?

New documentary profiles 2013 ultramarathon

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