A wild place—and an American ideal—are heading for destruction. We can stop it now.

Over the next 50 years, responsible companies are going to be forced to embrace the triple bottom line, or 3P, and consider not just profit, but also the value of their people and the value of our planet

YVON CHOUINARD, owner and founder of Patagonia, one of Outside's 50 best places to work, knows a thing or two about doing good business. Here, he shares some of what he's learned.

We're adding chemicals to our land and water supplies, pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and facing the planet's sixth extinction crisis. YVON CHOUINARD, owner and founder of Patagonia, wonders if we've borrowed more from nature than we can ever give back.

Can you take a company to the top when you can't stand nearly everything about traditional business and what it represents? You can if you're Yvon Chouinard. In an exclusive excerpt from his new management guide, Let My People Go Surfing, Patagonia's contrarian founder talks about breaking the rules�and creating the world's most iconoclastic adventure-ap