Is the Greatest Record in Exploration a Hoax?

German explorer Martin Szwed claims to have shattered the speed record for a solo ski to the South Pole last year. He has revealed no GPS data, no photos—no proof whatsoever that he even attempted the journey. Since his return from the icy continent, he has lost his house, job, and sponsors and is the subject of two investigations by the German government. Should anyone believe him?

Eric Larsen
Jan 20, 2016

The Fate of U.S. Polar Missions Depends on This Ship

With 75,000 horsepower and the ability to smash through 20 feet of ice, the Polar Star is the country's last ship capable of deep Antarctic missions. She's also 10 years past her retirement date with no replacement in sight.

Jeff Foss
Dec 15, 2014

Visiting Antarctica Is Now (Relatively) Easy

Snagging a trip to Antarctica has never been so simple. Still, it's one of the trickiest places in the world to visit. Here are the five ways to get there.

Eric Larsen
Nov 20, 2014