Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Zinke's Gone, But the Interior Won't Change

I've watched Zinke’s downward spiral with trepidation. Yet his departure does not imply a pro-environment reorientation at Interior, and I doubt we've seen the last of him. 

Elliott D. Woods
Dec 15, 2018

Mitt Romney: Environmentalists' Next Great Ally?

As governor, Mitt Romney was an environmental champion. Presidential candidate Romney, however, fell in line with the GOP. What kind of Utah senator would he be if he succeeds Orrin Hatch?

Jake Bullinger
Jan 5, 2018

The Outdoor Industry's Tax Cut Dilemma

The GOP tax-reform package will save companies billions. But it likely came at the cost of Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and ANWR.

Frederick Reimers
Dec 13, 2017

The Dollars and Sense of Drilling in ANWR

Arguments against opening the last great American wilderness to oil companies tend to get emotional, but the best argument may be the cost

J. Weston Phippen
Nov 22, 2017

Kite Skiing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Traveling across the Arctic isn’t easy no matter how you do it, but Palmer, Alaska-based photographer Fredrik Norrsell and his wife, Nancy Pfeiffer, thought the winter landscape of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, north of the Brooks Range, would make for a nice ride. In April 2014, the couple covered about 75 miles using the wind and skis near the village of Kaktovik on the northern coast of Alaska.

Fredrik Norrsell
Apr 27, 2017