Backcountry Camping


How to Build a Campfire

Step one: know the conditions and whether fires are actually allowed where you're camping

Emily Reed
Apr 14, 2019

The Best Budget Headlamps

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a bright light with good features. Here are our top picks under $20.

Joe Jackson
Jan 22, 2019

How to Cook a Turkey Over a Campfire

Longing for a wilderness Thanksgiving? Steven Rinella, host of the podcast and Netflix show 'MeatEater' and a consummate outdoorsman, teaches us how to cook a turkey in the backcountry.

AC Shilton
Nov 14, 2018

Don't Be a Hermit When You Camp

When someone rolls into the campsite next to yours, go say hi. You probably have something in common.

Aaron Gulley
Oct 9, 2018