BASE Jumping


Meet the Mayor of Norway’s Secret BASE Jumping Hangout

I made my first trip to Norway this spring to document the quieter side of BASE jumping. So much of the imagery I had seen was this wide angle, GoPro-style photography, usually accompanied by a Red Bull logo and a speed-metal soundtrack.

Patrick Dougherty
Oct 13, 2016

The Trick to Getting BASE-Jumping Insurance? Be American.

Many travel insurance providers don’t cover the deadly sport of wingsuiting. But the case of one American man whose $161 plan covered the $175,000 cost of his air evacuation and treatment shows that it’s possible—under the right circumstances.

Charles Bethea
Oct 12, 2016

This Is Your Brain on Adventure

You stand on a 300-foot cliff and think, “Mommy!” Ted Davenport stands there and thinks, “Sick air!” The difference, neuroscientists are finding, may lie in the very anatomy of our minds.

Florence Williams
Mar 19, 2009