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Hawaiian Sea to Summit Road Trip

Drive the Big Island loop in Hawaii—and make time for long hiking or paddling trips, plus awe-inspiring face time with volcanoes, manta rays, and starry skies.

Stephanie Pearson
Jun 16, 2014

Chris Clayton
Dec 19, 2013

Heavy Mettle

Triathlon is booming, with hundreds of events being added to the calendar each year and thousands of goggle-eyed newbies lining up to swim, bike, and run for the first time. But only one race still really matters. Greetings from the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, ground zero of America's multisport madness

Elizabeth Weil
Dec 12, 2011

My family is going to the Big Island of Hawaii. Do you have any advice on day hikes or some amazing must-see spots on the Island? We want to get off the beaten path. –Scott, Nogales Arizona

Greg Melville
Aug 10, 2010