To Get to the Summit, Cory Richards Had to Lose It All

When alpinist and photographer Cory Richards dug himself out of an avalanche in 2011, he emerged alive but scarred—an ascendant star in a community that tends to shun the very idea that trauma can have lasting effects. As his profile climbed ever higher, his career and personal life imploded. Six years later, one of the world’s best artist-adventurers comes clean about the panic attacks, PTSD, and alcohol abuse that nearly killed him.

Devon O'Neil
Aug 24, 2017

How Meagan Martin Trained to Climb Cage Free (V11)

It goes without saying that Meagan Martin is an astonishingly talented athlete. This video from Kyle Berkompas, Meagan Martin - Motivation, displays how in order to achieve greatness, she's training harder than ever before.

Mar 17, 2017