Adventure Icons

It's not enough to be at the forefront. In an era when everything has supposedly been done, these adventure icons ignore convention, court risk, and let their passion lead the way.

Christopher Keyes, Grayson Schaffer, Ryan Krogh, Damon Tabor, Eugene Buchanan, Stayton Bonner, and Kyle Dickman
Mar 10, 2010

Powder Skiing

Christina Erb, Ryan Krogh, Kevin Kennedy, Lisa Jhung, Berne Broudy, Kyle Du Ford, and Stephanie Pearson
Oct 11, 2007

Adrenaline Nation

Time to tune up that garageful of gear (we don't mean lawn chairs) and devote your next outing to full-throttle fun.

Lindsay Yaw, Kate Siber, Tim Neville, and Jack Turner
Jan 4, 2006

Fly Right

Trophy trought and salmon are only part of the catch at these luxe western lodges.

Will Rizzo and Sara Solovitch
May 1, 2005

Outside University: The Top 40

Today's topic: We rank the Top 40 schools where you can hit the books AND the backcountry. Your assignment: Rappel off that ivory tower and take our cram course on America's most adrenaline-friendly colleges. You'll come for your B.A. (Bachelor of Adventure) and want to stay for life.

Sep 1, 2003

Free At Last

North American resorts have expanded boundaries, opened gates, and liberated skiers to revel in ungroomed wildness. Our guide to the great stuff you won't find on the trail map.

Nov 1, 2001